Stretch hood packaging solutions: Stretch hooder technology is evaluated by the MSK Engineering team in the light of the customer's specific requirements.

Stretch hooder Systems for the Building Materials Industry

Packaging solutions in the field of Stretch hooder technology are evaluated by the MSK Engineering team in the light of the customer's specific requirements. Your advantage: An individually optimised system and a competitive advantage.

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Stretch hooder system for High Flexibility and Load Stability

The fully automatic MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder system - already the fourth generation ever since its introduction more than 20 years ago - packages all kinds of different pallet formats with a tight stretch hood. Thus, the products are protected against dirt and moisture from 5 sides. For each format in mixed product operations, the film is stretched in horizontal and transverse direction according to the required coordinates. This way, optimum load safety can be obtained. A special procedure developed by MSK offers extra stability in especially critical pallet zones. Optionally, the film can be stretched all the way beneath the pallet ("Understretch method"), or it can be used as a steady belt around the pallet board to enable reliably the storage in a high-bay warehouse.

An Economic Advantage

Compared to common packaging solutions, MSK stretch hooder systems are able to use lower-priced film, and by applying a special preserving film stretch method, they also minimize the amount of film usage. As a consequence, there are no voluminous packaging materials that have to be stored.

Maintenance-friendly and clean solution

The machine head of the MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder system can be lowered to ground level, which makes its maintenance quick and simple as no ladders or platforms are necessary. Similarly, film rolls and sealing bars can easily be exchanged thanks to convenient plugs and sockets and user-friendly access at ground level. Film handling is done completely without hydraulics above the product: tooth belts instead of chains constantly ensure clean and material-conserving handling with minimal maintenance effort and very little wear.

Energy-efficient packaging

Thanks to special MSK technology, the energy consumption of the MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder machine is notably less than 0.1 kW per packaging unit, or about 30% less than for many similar systems, respectively.

Safe pallet transport

By using a specially developed conveyor system at the hooding place, MSK offers all-over safe and stable transport of your load units during the packaging process.