Students (At school)

Professions with a Future

The education of young people is a central part of our long-term personnel policy. After all they are the basis for our future success.


You don't know what you want to do after school? An internship can help you to make this important decision. During an internship in one or more of our business areas you can look around, get to know the procedures and processes in our international industrial company and see if you like it. Send us an application telling us which MSK fields of activity you would like to look at and which time frame would suit you.

Temporary job

While you are still at school, you can gather experience by taking on a part-time job parallel to school at MSK. In various areas of the company there are different administrative tasks which can be performed by our temporary helpers.


You have already decided on an apprenticeship after school and a suitable career? Then set the foundations for your professional future at MSK and start your apprenticeship in a suitable profession. A good training program prepares you optimally for the working life. Already during the apprenticeship you can take responsibility for different tasks at MSK right from the very first day. 

During and after the apprenticeship MSK offers you various international perspectives and career opportunities for your professional future.

Dual study

A course of studies, parallel to an apprenticeship is a great challenge and a great opportunity at the same time. Do you feel up to the challenge? Do you want to put studies and apprenticeship behind you after only a few years?

You can apply for an apprenticeship at MSK, entering in your application documents the course of studies which you intend to undertake, parallel to the training. We will help you to plan and implement your individual dual study courses. 


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