MSK at Euromanut / Europack 2019 in Lyon

Our MSK specialists will advise you at Euromanut / Europack 2019 on the topics of conveying, packaging, and palletizing. We look forward to meeting you at Euromanut / Europack 2019 in Lyon. You will find us in hall 6 at booth B54.

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Fully automatic pallet logistics all from one source

With its palletizers, stretch hooders, shrink-wrapping packaging systems and pallet conveyor systems, MSK offers integrated solutions for your process chain all from one source. In response to the trend in automation towards Industry 4.0, MSK offers fully automated logistics systems for pallet packaging. To achieve an automated flow of materials,

MSK has developed modules which make film-free pallet feet packaging possible, allowing flawless use of driverless transport systems and automated pallet handling in high-rack storage systems.

A fully automatic truck loading system provides more efficiency when loading, without the need to use forklifts. Here, an MSK pallet pre-sorting system ensures optimum use of truck capacity, because its operation is based on the transmitted pallet data. In addition to improved operations in the production process, potential hazards for employees are reduced too, exhaust gases and noise are minimized.

Allow our experts at Europack / Euromanut 2019 to advise you on our packaging and material flow systems.

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MSK Tensiontech

– The cost-efficient packaging system and reliable alternative to conventional stretch-wrappers

With their special film-stretching procedure MSK stretch-hood systems make highly effective packaging of a variety of pallet formats or large container sizes possible. MSK stretch hooding machines stretches the film hood individually for all pallet/product sizes to any longitudinal and transversal coordinates. This flexible system packs pallets with a speed of up to 180 pallets/hour. The products are protected against dirt, moisture and theft from 5 sides, and are still clearly recognizable under the film packaging.

The energy-efficient stretch packaging system can process the thinnest of films, this without the use of hydraulics and gas. Thanks to special MSK technology, the energy consumption of the packaging system is considerably lower than 0.07 kW per packaging unit, depending on the product and performance. In contrast with comparable packaging systems, energy savings of roughly 30% can be achieved this way.

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Sustainable machine concepts for securing loads

– savings through technology

Environmentally friendly machine concepts, energy and material savings, minimization of emissions, and the responsible treatment of human resources are goals that are implemented by a variety of measures in the area of load securing. For some MSK machines, the cost savings due to resource savings exceed the initial machine investment after only a few years. MSK uses high quality and long-lasting premium components to produce its machinery. Continuous innovations permit MSK to achieve steady savings in energy and film with its packaging systems.

The safety of personnel is the highest priority. For customers this becomes apparent in the operation of the machine, the maintenance work as well as the replacement of spare parts. Easy-to-understand controls promote safe handling of the machine, as well as 24h support in case of problems, even using online diagnosis.

In the development of its palletizing, packaging and conveyor systems for securing loads, the MSK Covertech Group is focused on the goal of increased sustainability, and systematically works to achieve this.

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MSK – Industry partner for more than 40 years

As an internationally active family-operated business with some 500 current employees, MSK has now been a provider and supplier of palletizing, conveying, and packaging machines for automating all pallet handling tasks, from goods receipt to truck-loading and right into the finished goods warehouse for more than 40 years. Notable companies and logistics centers are included in MSK's base of established customers. MSK develops and produces the conveyer technology and packaging systems itself, with high vertical integration, and also produces its own software for controlling its equipment. MSK film-hood packaging with film-free pallet feet makes it possible to automate logistics with automated guided vehicles (AGV) and automated high-bay racking systems. The MSK EMSY 6.0 control and visualization software forms the basis for networked and intelligent machine processes. It maintains data itself or communicates with ERP systems in the sense of fully automated intralogistics.

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