MSK at LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart

Our MSK specialists will advise you at LogiMAT 2019 on subjects relating to material flow and pallet logistics. On the basis of decades of experience in the various sectors, we will present to you our product range of pallets, packaging and transportation options.
We are looking forward to meeting you at LogiMAT 2019 in Stuttgart. You will find us in Hall 6, Stand G27.
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Fully automatic pallet logistics, all under one roof

With palletisers, stretch hooders and shrink-wrap packaging systems, pallet transportation technologies, numerous additional modules and machine software, MSK offers complete solutions for your process chain, all under one roof. MSK packaging systems package the most varied products onto pallets, such as sacks, containers and order picked goods, while also handling pallet-less products – stably and reliably.
For automatic material flow, MSK has developed modules for packaging leaving the pallet foot free for the unproblematic deployment of driverless transport systems and for automated pallet handling in high-bay warehouses. The MSK hood stretchers allow a special process, in which the sheeting is laid on the upper boards of the pallet. For shrink-wrapped products, there is also an alternative to laying the foil between the pallet blocks.
Get advice from our experts at LogiMAT 2019 on our reliable packaging and material flow systems.


Mobile shuttle cars and automated guided vehicles (AGV)

Where the use of stationary pallet conveyors is not possible, fork-lift trucks are often used to transport unpackaged or packaged pallets. However, this brings both disturbances to the production process, increased danger and undesirable exhaust gases.
An alternative is offered by mobile shuttle cars (MSK Linktech) or automated guided vehicles (AGV). The production flow will run automatically and more calmly. Pallet-specific data are transmitted by the driverless transport systems or pallet conveying vehicles to the warehouse. Experienced project engineers will create custom layout concepts for this purpose.


Identification, weighing and labelling – completely integrated and fully automatic

Peripheral devices such as weighing scales, labellers and scanners work in a fully integrated way in MSK comprehensive systems. This is made possible through the communications interfaces of the MSK EMSY software. In this way, important information is securely attached to the load, documented in the EMSY control system and the intra-operational goods and material flow is assured.

Fully automated loading/unloading from the lorry

More efficiency in loading: Intelligent MSK pallet pre-sorting allows fully automated lorry loading without the use of forklifts. This pre-sorting ensures optional utilisation of the lorry capacity, as it works on the basis of the transmitted pallet data.

Intelligent and networked pallet logistics

MSK EMSY 6.0 is a unique visualisation system making the control of complex palletiser, packaging and transportation facilities easy. The software also forms the basis for networked and intelligent machine processes, up to and including the fully automated intralogistics of industry 4.0.
The MSK system offers communications interfaces to your ERP system and peripheral devices such as scales, scanners and labellers, for high process automation in the field of intralogistics. MSK EMSY receives commands regarding the destination of a pallet through the network and reports back for its own part with positions and data. Thus, all pallet data are included, without gaps, in the whole logistics process and the networked and unified control of all systems in the field of pallet handling is possible.


MSK – partner of industry for over 40 years

For over 40 years, MSK, a family firm with currently about 500 employees, has been active internationally as a provider and supplier of palletising, transporting and packaging machines for the full automation of pallet handling, from goods entry to lorry loading or to the finished goods warehouse. Notable companies and logistics centres are among our customer base. MSK develops and produces transportation technology and packaging facilities with a high level of vertical manufacturing and even controls its plants with its own software. With MSK foil hood packaging, which leaves the base of the pallet free, automated logistics with driverless transportation systems (DTS) and handling in automatic shelved warehouses is possible. The MSK EMSY 6.0 control and visualisation software lays the basis for networked and intelligent machine processes, manages datasets and communicates with ERP systems within the context of fully automated intralogistics systems.

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