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Do you want to automate your production and need the right equipment? Do you want to reduce your packaging costs and increase your load stability? Our MSK specialists will advise you on all aspects of load securing and pallet logistics. Based on decades of experience in a wide range of industries, we present our comprehensive product range: Packaging systems, pallet conveyor systems, fully automatic unwrapping of pallets, and automated truck loading and unloading.
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All from a single source - your fully automatic pallet logistics

Industry 4.0 is also omnipresent in the packaging industry. MSK supports you in the automation of your production processes with individual systems. Fully automatic pallet handling between incoming goods, high-bay warehouse, production, packaging area, and outgoing goods is made possible by MSK complete systems. Information networking plays a major role in the automation of internal processes. The MSK EMSY 6.0 visualization and control software shows the required processes in a simple and comprehensible manner. The datebase-supported software features communication interfaces to the customer's ERP system. It manages and links all the information from peripheral devices such as scanners, weighing systems, or labelers, etc. and forwards the information to the customer's system.
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MSK conveyor systems for your automated flow of goods

MSK has developed modules for an automatic material flow enabling pallet-foot-free packaging for the problem-free use of driverless transport systems (AGVs), forklift trucks, and automated pallet handling in high-bay warehouses, thus permitting the automation of the internal logistics between incoming goods, production, warehouse, and high-bay warehouse. The automation of your logistics already begins with the fully automatic unloading of trucks. In the incoming goods area, the pallets delivered by truck can be fed into the internal logistics system by means of an automatic system via roller conveyors. Automatic truck loading is also possible with MSK solutions. MSK also offers stationary conveyors for transport as well as mobile transfer carriages (MSK Linktech) and driverless transport systems (AGVs). This helps prevent disruptions caused by forklift truck traffic and unwanted exhaust fumes. The pallet-specific data is moved in parallel from goods receiving to storage or loading.

Intelligent packaging solution for automated pallet handling

MSK packaging systems pack a wide variety of products on pallets, such as sacks and containers as well as picked loads and palletless products - reliably and stably, always using polyethylene film. The film packaging of the transport units is thus completely recyclable. The special MSK technology that carefully and specifically stretches the film around the load not only saves packaging material but also increases load stability, e.g. in comparison with stretch wrapping. Furthermore, closed hoods offer the benefit of theft protection. For simple and fast maintenance, MSK works with a lowerable machine head. Ground-level access and simple stitch connections make MSK Tensiontech extremely user-friendly.


Continuing innovations allow MSK to continually save energy and film with its packaging systems. Examples include the patented procedure of the MSK stretch hood machine using very thin film and with an energy consumption of less than 0.07 kWh per packaging unit, or the development of energy-saving heating systems with low temperatures and adjustable heating rods  for improved efficiency during shrink packaging. MSK shrinking systems consume up to 15% less gas than standard systems. The MSK electric shrink system operates entirely without gas.

Fully automatic unwrapping of pallets - unpacking made easy

The MSK Defotech film unwrapping system performs fully automated unwrapping of film-packaged pallets in the incoming goods department. This is an ideal solution for increased production speeds and a reduction of personnel costs in multiple-shift operation. With respect to occupational safety, particularly for high pallet loads, the unwrapping system minimizes manual intervention by staff. Fully automated film unwrapping protects personnel from the risk of slipping and the risk of falling products. The machine adapts seamlessly to the existing production flow and can be smoothly linked with upstream and downstream machines. After unwrapping, the MSK Defotech automatically prepares the film for recycling using a special film transport system. Sorted collection of packaging films allows them to be fully recycled, a benefit that contributes to sustainability on the production line.

MSK – industrial partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

For more than 40 years, MSK Covertech Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for the automation of the entire pallet handling process, from the incoming goods department to lorry loading or the finished goods warehouse. Today, the group has nearly 500 employees and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, USA and China. Well-known manufacturers from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s solid customer base. MSK independently develops and produces conveying technology and packaging systems with a high level of vertical integration and also controls its systems using in-house software.

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