Miele (Case Study)


The new stretch hood packaging with the MSK Tensiontech packaging machine at Miele in Bielefeld has proved an efficient solution for optimizing loading stability, at the same time allowing savings in film costs.

With the objective of optimizing transport safety and reducing costs, project managers at Miele, the household appliances manufacturer based in Bielefeld, approached the packaging systems manufacturer MSK in summer 2015. As is normally the case in the household appliance industry, vacuum cleaners manufactured at Miele are packed in cardboard boxes. Owing to the high quality gloss printing and little intrinsic bonding of the cardboard layers on the pallet, the existing stretch wrapping solution was not in the past achieving a satisfactory result. In particular for high stacking on the pallet, load stability is a challenge for storage and transport. The stretch wrapping system formerly used in the Bielefeld plant has now been replaced by a stretch hood solution from MSK. The new stretch hooder is capable of packing load units up to 2.80 m high with 50 µm film so that it is stable and safe for transport. The decision for MSK continues an international partnership between Miele and MSK that has lasted for many years...> Miele (Case Study)

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