Electrolux (Case Study)


It is MSK's fastest stretch hood system for appliances, it ensures smooth product stacking and features an impressive energy balance: The MSK Tensiontech. At Electrolux Revin/France, these new stretch hood machines now package washing machines with high speed and a unique packaging result.

In order to being able to continue their "Green Spirit" dynamics, Electrolux Revin (France) asked for a stretch hood packaging solution at MSK Covertech, producer of packaging systems. A total of nine MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machines has already been in operation at Electrolux since 2001, however there was a new challenge: the new stretch hood technology would have to be faster - the fastest that MSK has ever offered for appliances. The former shrink oven technique was to be replaced by a modern, cost- and energy-saving packaging solution that would be able to handle over 400 products per hour.> Electrolux (Case Study)

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