MSK solutions for logistics centers

Packaging systems for logistics centers

In logistics centers, no one pallet load resembles the next. With high flexibility and performance, MSK packaging lines ensure efficient, theft-proof load securing for commissioned products.

Unwrapping systems for logistics centers

MSK uses the MSK Defotech film unwrapping system to automate pallet handling for incoming goods. It performs fully automatic unwrapping of film-packaged pallets and adapts seamlessly to the existing material flow.

Conveyor systems for logistics centers

To automate pallet logistics without forklift traffic, MSK uses conveyor systems consisting of stationary and mobile pallet conveyors. Combined with pallet packaging machines, they form a complete system with uniform control, ensuring data security.

Complete systems for logistics centers

MSK offers networked complete solutions for process automation in the field of load securing and pallet logistics. These solutions start with automated truck unloading and pallet unwrapping for incoming goods. MSK's core area of expertise includes palletizing and film packaging systems for load securing, fully automated pallet conveyor systems all the way to the automated loading of pallets onto trucks.

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