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Do you want to reduce your packaging costs and increase your load stability while opting for sustainable solutions? Do you want to automate your production and need the right equipment? Our MSK specialists will advise you at Prod&Pack 2021 on all aspects of pallet logistics and film and energy savings in packaging. We look forward to welcoming you to Prod&Pack 2021 in Lyon. You will find us in hall 6, booth H88.J87.

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Think of the future now with sustainable MSK packaging solutions  

Resource-saving pallet packaging is made possible by MSK with both the hood stretching system and the shrink wrapping systems. With the new MSK shrink frame, MSK consistently uses innovative technology that sustainably reduces the use of energy. With the introduction of the new MSK shrink frame generation, MSK can now reduce gas consumption by an additional 13%. Even before the new introduction, the energy consumption of MSK shrink frames was about 10% below the average level.

With the MSK Corritech electric shrink frame, shrinking of pallets is possible without the use of fossil fuels, and in some cases is supported by the EU with a subsidy for the use of energy from renewable sources. In addition, the new MSK shrink frames can provide additional energy savings of up to 40% through the use of the also newly developed MSK Covershrink. 

Resource-saving technology is also used by MSK in its hood stretching systems. A compact design, balanced vertical movements by counterweights and a patented stretch process ensure low energy and film consumption. The energy-efficient stretch wrapper processes the thinnest film, eliminating the use of hydraulics and gas.

MSK technologies allow the use of recycled or biodegradable films, of low thicknesses for an optimization of the quantities of consumables while preserving the safety of the loads and by optimizing the environmental and economic impact. In the case of quite a few MSK machines, the savings made by conserving resources exceed the initial machine investment after just a few years.

Let our experts advise you at Prod&Pack 2021 which packaging solution is the best variant for your product. We look forward to your visit! Make an appointment.

MSK Tensiontech – The cost-efficient packaging system and reliable alternative to conventional stretch-wrappers

Transport packaging for commissioned palletized goods needs to adapt flexibly to the characteristics of the load. Stretch hood packaging with thinnest films down to 20 µm is often a viable alternative to stretch wrapping and offers significant additional advantages. Hood stretch pallet packaging offers important additional benefits such as theft-proof pallet packaging and minimized film roll replacement. MSK solutions answer to the requirements and needs specific to several industries such as the logistics industry.

The special MSK technology that carefully and specifically stretches the film around the load not only saves packaging material but also increases load stability, e.g. in comparison with stretch wrapping. Furthermore, using the MSK Tensiontech stretch hooding system the film consumption is reliably calculatable. 

MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machines are equipped with the MSK collar stretch procedure, for which the film is placed on the top board of the pallet. This allows automatic pallet handling using AGVs as well as automatic high-bay warehouses.

Fully automatic unwrapper – preparing film for recycling

Unwrapping is made easy thanks to the fully automatic unwrapping system, MSK Defotech. This is an ideal solution for increased production speeds and a reduction of personnel costs in multiple-shift operation. With respect to occupational safety, particularly for high pallet loads, the unwrapping system minimizes manual intervention by staff. The machine adapts seamlessly to the existing production flow and can be smoothly linked with upstream and downstream machines. After unwrapping, the MSK Defotech automatically prepares the film for recycling using a special film transport system. Sorted collection of packaging films allows them to be fully recycled, a benefit that contributes to sustainability on the production line.
Let our experts advise you at Prod&Pack 2021 which packaging solution is the best variant for your product. We look forward to your visit! Regardless of the variety of your pallet loads, we design individual solutions fitting with your individual needs. 

Sustainability supported by MSK's digital product range

In addition, sustainability is supported by MSK's digital product range. MSK software, MSK EMSY, enables to reduce energy and film consumption thanks to the supervision of MSK systems in real time. The MSK EMSY software networks the machine controls into an intelligent overall system and makes a significant contribution to the automation of the entire packaging line. With the MSK EMSY smart app, you are always up-to-date wherever you are. Even if you are not on site, fast and targeted action is possible with the employees in the production facility using the live information. Course deviations can be discussed preventively with the team on site.

MSK – Industrial partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

Based in Reyrieux (near Lyon) since 1984, MSK Emballage SARL develops and realizes complete solutions of packaging, conveying and palletizing dedicated to different branches of industry and offers different software solutions. MSK Emballage is part of the MSK Covertech Group present in Europe as well as in the USA and China through its own subsidiaries. Since 1975 the MSK Covertech Group has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for the automation of the entire pallet handling process, from the incoming goods department to lorry loading or the finished goods warehouse. Its technical and commercial team is made up of experienced and polyvalent employees: project engineers, design engineers and automation specialists handle the specific requests of customers and accompany them from the design phase to the after-sales services, including tests and transport simulations. Well-known manufacturers from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s solid customer base. 
MSK Emballage SARL: the strength of a group, the flexibility of an SME. 

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