Automatic pallet shrink wrapping: MSK shrink wrapping machines - Low energy consumption and great packaging flexibility.

MSK Pallet shrink wrap -
Pallet shrink wrap machine MSK Flowtech

Unique solutions in automatic pallet shrink wrapping

Satisfying the unusually high demands placed in respect of securing pallet loads has characterized the engineering of MSK pallet shrink wrap machines over the past three decades. On the basis of several MSK patents as well as through close co-operation with leading companies in different sectors, path-setting Shrink wrapping solutions have been created for the specific requirements of different industries.

MSK Pallet shrink wrap machines - Film Wrapping System MSK Flowtech MSK Pallet shrink wrap machines features heat recycling  MSK Pallet Shrink wrapping machine MSK Pallet shrink wrap machines with the MSK Anti-Collage system MSK Pallet Shrink Wrap – Undershrink System for Optimum Load Stability MSK shrink wrapping machine for optimum display packaging

Careful film heating with MSK pallet shrink wrap machines

MSK shrink wrapping machine’s special mixed-air method specifically heats up the film to an optimum shrink temperature in a very preserving way so that the film maintains its elasticity and endurance strength. Simultaneously, MSK's heat recycling allows for an ideal energy efficiency.

NEW: Energy Savings of up to 40% when Shrink-Wrapping with MSK Shrinkcover

MSK shrink-wrap machines can now be supplied or retrofitted with the newly developed and patent-pending MSK Shrinkcover. Depending on the film thickness and pallet/product size, it can enable an MSK shrinkage system to save up to 40% of the thermal energy required.

Innovative solutions in the fields of hood shrinking and pass-through shrinking

The new shrink wrap machine MSK Multitech features low energy consumption and great packaging flexibility in pallet shrink wrapping even for future product formats. As space-saving compact pallet shrink wrapper (hood application and shrinkage at one place), the MSK Multitech packages up to 100 pallets per hour; as line-up version it processes up to 200 pallets per hour or 240 product pieces (domestic appliances, for example), respectively. The machine head can be lowered to ground level, which notably simplifies maintenance.
The MSK Flowtech pallet shrink wrapping machine, where pallets or single products are run through a film curtain, packages different pallet or product formats with up to 130 pallets, or 400 product pieces (domestic appliances, for example), respectively, per hour. It achieves excellent packaging results for numerous pallet formats in the paper- and cardboard industry.

Moreover, MSK disposes of three different pallet shrink frames and shrink frame systems. The combination of a MSK pallet hood shrink wrap machine and a film-hooding machine provides you an ideal covertech-system for example for the pallet packaging of glass products.

Cost-saving with the MSK Anti-Collage system for shrink wrap machines

Since the development of the MSK Anti-Collage system, fusing of the shrink film to the PE-packed product beneath it, as well as creasing of the film, belong to the past. With MSK's Anti-Collage system, the MSK mixed-air system determines the tensile force in accordance with the load volume and film dimensions. This pallet wrap system enables our customers to achieve substantial savings.

Optimum Load Stability thanks to MSK pallet shrink wrapping with undershrink system

The MSK undershrink system adapts itself automatically to the pallet contour in order to ensure secure freeing of the pallet. The undershrink is carried out well under the runners of the pallet - an essential precondition for optimum load stability and the use of thin film.

The MSK ClearView Packaging

In contrast to conventional packaging methods like pallet stretcher or pallet plastic wrap, the MSK shrink wrapping machine ensures that the surface of the film after shrinking is of a high quality permitting an optimum display packaging. Barcodes under the film can be read without any problem.

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