Experience and innovation

Experience and innovation

As a family business, we have been serving our customers for over 40 years. In the beginning, the emphasis was on the packaging machines which have changed the market with their unique functions. Even in the beginning we were inventing systems that have proven to be significant for the entire branch. Through continuous innovations in systems and software, comprehensive customer service and a powerful team of employees, we have achieved a leading position as a partner for industrial packaging lines and logistics systems.

Development in the service of our customers

When asked to develop new packaging systems, we support our customers with our experience, our engineering know-how and our test equipment. The close cooperation with our customers not only ensures our own future success but also that of our customers. The confidence of leading brand manufacturer confirms our competence: 80% of our sales are generated from the repeated cooperation with long-term customers.

Customers from many different branches

In the course of the expansion of our product range, we have developed certain industrial focal points. Today the glass, the beverage, the home appliances, the paper, the building materials, and the chemical industry are our main areas of business. Experienced, well coordinated teams of project engineers and programmers develop tailor-made solutions for you, because they are well familiarized with your branch of industry.  The core of most plant systems is made up from serial machines, nevertheless, each system is different. Having sold nearly 5,000 machines sold, we have built up an incomparable amount of experience. The advice that we give you and the plans that we make for you are based on this experience.

Over 40 years of experience

Our customers place a special value on our many years of experience: The age of a company also says something about its current performance. There is no substitute for experience. In combination with our innovative strength, we have developed more than 50 patents in the past.

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