MSK resource savings

Savings through technology

Savings through technology

In line with our slogan, Savings through technology, MSK technologies offer a high potential for savings in terms of energy, material and personnel costs. Our machine concepts are consistent with these requirements and are continually developed further. 

Return on Investment

With some MSK machines the savings through the conservation of resources already exceed the initial machine investment after a few years.

Up to 40% energy savings

The MSK Shrinkcover reduces the energy consumption of a MSK shrink packaging system, depending on the film thickness and pallet size by up to 40%, this puts MSK machines above the branch average in the energy consumption question.

MSK Undershrink

The MSK Undershrink procedure, (patent pending at that time), enabled a significant reduction in the film strength without reducing the package stability. Market companion asked finally for licenses for this procedure.

Not only wrapping but also unwrapping.

MSK introduced the first fully automated machine for the unwrapping of film wrapped pallet loads to the market. Utilization of the MSK Defotech raises work safety and decreases the unwrapping time significantly. 

Individual solutions for long-term savings

Based on decades of experience and also on experiments carried out in our customer test center we know how to save money by implementing the right technology. We would be glad to help you to find a money saving solution for your individual needs.  

High in-house production depth ensures our technological edge

Because of our own high production depth we are independent of suppliers and retain full control over the quality, performance, sustainability and cost of our machines. Furthermore, the long-term availability of spare parts is therefore assured.  

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