MSK Solutions for the beverage industry

Innovative MSK systems for more productivity and flexibility: efficient load securing and pallet handling in the beverage and food industry

International innovations for greater productivity and flexibility: Be it depalletizing, unwrapping, packaging or conveying, MSK provides systems with intelligent solutions in the beverage industry and food industry for efficient and smooth production processes. MSK innovations such as Clean Design, Undershrink procedure or also the MSK Shrinkcover have contributed to the fact that despite the increased requirements production lines are always cheaper and more flexible work.

Defolierer Getränke

Unwrapping systems for the beverage industry

MSK offers fully automated unwrapping systems that remove the film wrapping from palletized loads safely and in a confined space. Particularly for the unwrapping of spiral-stretch wrapped pallets with vertical strapping, MSK has also developed a fully automatic destrapper. The systems provide an efficient solution for increased production speeds as well as the reduction of personnel costs in multi-shift operations.

Palettierer für Getränke

Palletizing systems for the beverage industry

The selection of the proper systems for depalletizing and palletizing of finished beverage products, is a central prerequisite for the economic viability of a bottling line. Whether partial or fully automatically whether robotic or conventional, MSK machines are conceptualized with a modular principle in mind.

Schrumpf- und Stretchverpacken Getränke

Packaging systems for the beverage industry

MSK wrapping machines package a wide range of beverage products for transport on pallets in a flexible and cost-efficient manner. In the area of shrink wrapping as well as in the area of stretch hooding MSK systems offer high safety standards and a good advertising effect for the packaged products.

Getränkebranche Fördersysteme

Conveyor systems for the beverage industry

The spectrum of the MSK pallet handling systems are specially designed to meet the needs due to different pallet dimensions in the beverage industry. The handling of packaging materials required for the production process are also part of the scope of services.

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