Bee-friendly wildflower meadow


Focus on the environment already since 1975


For our products and company, saving resources is a key focus of all our developments. MSK machines always aim for the lowest energy consumption.

The energy requirements of an MSK shrink frame were roughly 10% below the average level, and has been reduced by a further 13% with the new development in 2020. With the latest development of the MSK shrink-wrap machine, added energy savings of up to 40 % are achieved.

MSK consistently uses innovative technology and patented methods on its machines that allow the use of the thinnest of films with minimum film consumption. In our customer test facility we test our innovations for minimizing the CO2 footprint. Often it is possible to use thinner films or even films made of recycled material. Pallet loads have been packed on MSK packaging machines with films made of 98% bio-based materials – a milestone in the reduction of the CO2 footprint.

In our buildings and production facilities, energy-saving lighting is used almost exclusively. Photovoltaic systems are in use at some of our sites; further sites will follow soon. The grounds at Kleve were redesigned as a wildflower meadow for bees and other insects.

Environmentally friendly machine concepts, saving energy and materials, minimizing emissions, and making responsible use of human resources are goals which will continue to define the development and production processes of the MSK Covertech Group in coming years.

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