MSK Packaging systems

Pioneering and sector-specific: Exceptional demands on pallet load safety have affected the past four decades of MSK packaging systems technology. Pioneering solutions for industry-specific requirements in pallet packaging were developed on the basis of several MSK patents, as well as in close cooperation with leading companies in various industries.

Gläser Paletten

Packaging systems for the glass industry

MSK packaging lines allow the glass industry a cost-effective range of packaging solutions - with high flexibility and very good product security against damage or contamination.


Packaging systems for the beverage industry

MSK wrapping machines pack a wide range of beverage products for transport on pallets in a flexible and cost-efficient manner. The two procedures shrink wrapping and stretch hood offer a high level of safety, protection from moisture and a good advertising effect for the packaged products.


Packaging systems for the building materials industry

Depending on product properties and stack arrangement on pallets, the maximum load stability of the transport packaging is critical when choosing packaging technology. Learn more about the two procedures: hood stretching and shrink wrapping.

Verpackte Papierpaletten

Packaging systems for the paper and printing industry

The products of the paper and printing industry place different demands on the pallet packaging. That is why MSK offers different shrink wrap packaging solutions for different product areas.

Verpackte Chemiepaletten

Packaging systems for the chemical industry

Chemical products place very high demands on load stability, especially when stacking containers on pallets. Learn more about the two procedures: hood stretching and shrink wrapping.

Verpackungslösungen für Weißwaren

Packaging systems for household appliances

Reliable protection for handling and transport, as well as the best possible presentation of the brand name, are important requirements for the transport packaging of household appliances. One thing is certain: A clean, undamaged packaging in which the device is easily visible has been shown to reduce the rate of transport damage.

Individuelle Verpackungslösungen

Individual solutions for packaging systems

No matter how varied your pallet loads are, we design packaging systems for you which enable a flexible and cost-efficient packaging.

Semi-automatic packaging systems

Semi-automatic packaging systems are used in situations where the automatic shrink system is uneconomical for the number of pallets to be wrapped or where special applications or extra manual packing are desired.

Hybrid solutions for packaging systems

MSK also offers hybrid solutions, i.e. packaging systems whereby the pallets are covered by both stretch hood as well as with a shrink wrap method.

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