MSK palletizing systems - palletizers & palletizing robots

MSK Palletizing systems

MSK palletizing systems - palletizing robots & conventional palletizing systems for highest flexibility and efficiency

The MSK palletizers and depalletizers come as both robotic palletizer and conventional palletizer versions. The MSK palletizer family offers tailor-made solutions for a wide range of industries such as the hollow glass, the beverages, the building materials and the chemical industries, as well as logistics centers.

Robotic palletizers

MSK palletizing robots palletize products flexibly and precisely in the desired layer patterns or depalletize products in the incoming goods area in the tightest of spaces and with high efficiency.

Conventional palletizing systems

MSK supplies suitable palletizers for the automatic palletizing and depalletizing of different products and every required machine capacity. The MSK modular principle offers a high degree of flexibility when expanding your palletizing systems, no matter if your current systems are semi-automatic or fully automatic.

MSK industrial palletizing solutions

MSK has been a partner to a wide range of industries for many years and supplies efficient and flexible palletizing and depalletizing systems for a wide variety of products and packing patterns. Individual palletizing or depalletizing solutions in combination with integrated pallet conveyor systems and packaging systems for load securing offer the possibility of automating the entire pallet logistics process from a single source. Experienced teams of project engineers and programmers develop customized solutions for you. They have an excellent working knowledge of the industries they operate in. For sure, they also know their way around in your industry.

Perfect palletizing system or palletizing robots for every task: Precisely and quickly placing different glass packs on the pallet.

Palletizing systems for the glass industry

Palletizing robots for the fully automatic palletizing and depalletizing of different glass container shapes. MSK supplies individual intralogistics solutions and palletizing systems with perfect matched robotic palletizers for every required machine capacity.


Palletizing systems for the beverage industry

The depalletizing of empty bottles etc. prior to the filling process and the subsequent palletizing are essential for the economic efficiency of a bottling line. MSK provides customized solutions for different production capacities and enables a modular system with a high degree of flexibility for future requirements.

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Palletizing systems for the logistics industry

In order to simplify your intralogistics, MSK offers different palletizing solutions allowing you to gain in flexibility and your loads in security for internal transport.

MSK Verpackungssysteme für die Chemiebranche

Palletizing systems for the building materials / chemical industry

MSK palletizing and depalletizing systems reliably and flexibly palletize products from the building materials and chemical industries such as bagged goods, boxes, cartons, canisters or drums for final packaging or depalletize them in the incoming goods area.

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