MSK Solutions for the home appliance industry

Good optical effect and transport protection in harmony - MSK packaging machines and conveyor systems for efficient and safe product transport of household appliances

From ovens and refrigerators to microwaves and washing machines - most of the leading manufacturers of white goods rely on MSK technologies for transport packaging. For shrink packaging, stretch hood packaging and conveying systems, for decades, MSK has been delivering packaging lines, especially for high-performance applications.

Stretchverfahren für Weißwaren

Packaging systems for household appliances

Reliable protection for handling and transport, as well as the best possible presentation of the brand name, are important requirements for the transportation of household appliances. Clean, undamaged packaging in which the device is well visible is very important.

Conveyor systems for household appliances

Different product formats and high cycle output with smooth conveyance and direction changes are the challenges facing the household appliance industry.

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