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A statement from one of our customers

Site Manager Madrid Pablo García reports: "Our experience was really fine, delivery, installation and commissioning were on time. MSK´s staff were really polite and professional along the installation of the machine and also in terms to get support, documentation and certifications.
The machine is totally integrated in our process, it is strong, safe, easy for the operators and it looks first quality in components. Thanks again to MSK."

Pablo García, Site Manager Madrid

Cartonplast Ibérica, S.L.U.

Savings through technology

Right from the start, MSK has placed much emphasis on the conservation of resources. Since the foundation of the company, sustainability has been one of the main criteria for the development of a MSK machine.

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MSK service is there for you around the clock. It includes everything to safeguard and increase the productivity of a MSK system. There are more than 50 engineers, technicians and specialists at your disposal.

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Glass Emsy Palletizer


Thanks to 3D animations and images, the operating software MSK EMSY allows an intuitive machine operation without extensive prior knowledge.

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Skizzierung eines Fördersystems

Experience and innovation

For over 40 years we have stood for progress and invention. We see ourselves as a strong partner to the industries and have collaborated on many pioneering patents.

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