Innovative Bottle Conveyor System for the Handling of Unique Premium Glass Bottles

Allied Glass Containers, the UK based manufacturer of premium glass packaging, has installed a new bottle conveyor system supplied by MSK, the cold-end specialist, at its Knottingley facility. Highly automated and with integrated control, the conveyor system expertly handles a recent increase in production capacity at the plant and contributes to the reliability and safety of Allied’s modern cold-end.

A challenge for Engineering

Working in partnership with the Engineering team at Allied Glass, the challenge for MSK was to install a fully automatic conveying system within a confined space, which would securely handle intricately shaped premium bottles from the lehr end to the shrink packaging machine, while providing the most possible space for the operator.

The entire cold-end line from the lehr, bottle conveyor, palletizer, shrink wrapper and pallet conveyor were all supplied by MSK and are operated by the software system MSK EMSY.  This is advantageous because all the data is transferred in a single consistent structure, which makes analysis of the overall efficiency of the cold end possible. “Additionally, the visualisation software considerably simplifies the operation of the whole system and therefore prevents unnecessary interruptions. If required, the system can be monitored via the internet off site,” Uwe Jonkmanns, Sales and Marketing Manager at MSK explains.

Efficient transport of bottles from the lehr

After leaving the lehr, the bottles are automatically transported to the integrated inspection machines via efficient bottle separators and an Omega conveyor. This is followed by a bottle alignment station, which was also developed by MSK, which lines up the bottles. The system then transports the bottles to one of two fully automated MSK universal palletizers, or alternatively to a station where they are manually packed onto pallets.

Premium components for long-lasting use

MSK selects only the highest quality parts for its bottle conveyors, stainless steel profiles considerably reducing wear and encouraging a steady operation without interruption. “In the chain recirculation we use a special technology which preserves the material and prevents cost-intensive failure.” Uwe Jonkmanns underlines another functional specialism of MSK.  The modular construction of the MSK bottle conveyor system, with adjustable guard rails allows versatility and flexibility, the best possible layer pre-forming and fully automated bottle transport.

High flexibility

The MSK bottle conveyors installed by Allied Glass are also equipped for future requirements and can be easily upgraded.  “A further advantage of the MSK system is that the standard side panels are equipped with fixtures and sensors, marking systems and other accessories.  Additional components can therefore be quickly and effortlessly adapted during active operation.”  Uwe Jonkmanns explains the flexible concept of the MSK bottle conveyors.

Universal palletizing machine

The two universal palletizing machines, which were installed at Allied Glass, have contributed greatly to the automation of the packaging process. With only one MSK Unitech palletizing head each, most intricately shaped bottles can be palletized in layers without standstills during a job-change. The MSK Unitech head is a universal solution for bottles which could not be handled with a gripper head or suction plate. By combining the popular swivel arm palletizer MSK Triotech and the MSK Unitech head, an excellent high performance unit has been created. The MSK Triotech is designed to perform at up to three layers per minute and provides a palletizing solution for a confined space. It features a half moving mass, since during the palletizing process only the swivel arm rotates, while the column is fixed. Additionally, the MSK palletizing system applies the trays and delivers the empty pallets fully automatically.

From the lehrs to the warehouse — the complete Cold End from one single source

MSK offers the complete Cold End of a glass production, from the lehrs to the warehouse, all from one single source. It has decades of experience in the international glass industry, which enables MSK to provide a raft of solutions for the most demanding of glass containers and for any required machine performance. With its headquarters in Germany and its internationals subsidiaries in France, Hungary, China and USA, as well as many representatives across the world, MSK is located closely to all its customers.  It has a 24 hour emergency and online service to provide fast and efficient help.

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