Flexible Pallet Packaging System for Logistics Centre

In logistics centres, no one pallet load resembles the next. For over 5 years now, a high performance MSK stretch hood system has been reliably and efficiently packaging order-picked products onto pallets at Gries Deco Company GmbH in Niedernberg/Germany for shipment. A special system records each individual loading contour for pallet-specific film hoods. This ensures both very stable packaging and a minimum of film consumption.

Individual stretch hoods for order-picked loads

With a high performance of up to 100 pallets an hour, three MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machines package hand-picked items onto pallets for shipment at the Niedernberg Logistics Centre of Gries Deco Company GmbH. Given that each pallet load is of a different size, weight and contour, MSK has installed scanner frames in front of the packaging machinery. Thanks to light grid technology, these scanner frames detect each and every load and send signals to the hood stretcher PLC control system. This then automatically computes the correct hood length, tension force and stretching dimensions of the film as well as the kind of hooding operation. Thus, for instance, the hood length of pyramid-shaped loads is adjusted to reduce the film point to attain both a high loading stability and film savings. “Detection of the highest point of a load and its contours even enables extreme shapes, such as a vertically projecting broom handle, to be easily packaged“, explains Uwe Jonkmanns, Director Sales & Marketing at MSK. “The machine adjusts both film tensioning and the hooding process accordingly”.

This technology with the film being carefully stretched around the loads in a tailored manner has allowed MSK to efficiently change over from stretch wrapper to stretch hood technology. “We are very pleased with the stretch hoods installed here. The good quality ensures a high degree of machine availability and in the event of any plant extension we would install MSK equipment again”, states Mirko Schmitt, Technology Dept. Head at Gries Deco. He adds: “Cooperation with MSK including Maintenance/Support is also very good.”

High performance system in the most confined of spaces

The three MSK stretch hood machines operate at Gries Deco in the most confined of spaces. Thanks to their compact design, the machines can be installed where space is at a premium. A special MSK process for pre-fabrication of the film hood at the pallet scanning stage ensures adherence to the required high performance of 100 commissioned Euro pallets an hour.
MSK Tensiontech stretch hooders also have a machine head which can be lowered to the working level. This significantly simplifies the required maintenance and minimises maintenance times. An added plus is that film rolls are not replaced inside the safety guard zone. As a result, rolls can be changed without having to shut down the machine.


Stable and efficient packaging

Gries Deco makes use of a 40 my stretch hood film to package its shipment units. “Thanks to the made-to-measure hooding, the thin film is eminently suitable and lends a high degree of stability with low film consumption on the loads”, Uwe Jonkmanns points out as regards the machine’s operating efficiency. “Under low loading weights, using a stretch hood for packaging is a suitable alternative to that of shrink packaging which otherwise is often the firmer solution for undersized loadings on pallet.” To find the best-possible packaging solution, MSK - together with those responsible at Gries Deco - carried out two packaging tests in MSK’s Customer Technical Centre. Here the stretch hood solution came over best of all.
Moreover, for internally handling pallets with conveyor systems and fork-lift trucks, the machines have been equipped with the “MSK collar stretch procedure”. Here the film is set down on the top panel of the pallet to keep film off the pallet feet.

All-round service

For five years now the MSK stretch hood machines in Niedernberg have been operating trouble-free and to the satisfaction of the logisticians. The on-site staff is basically only needed to replace the film rolls. The machines are serviced twice a year by MSK service technicians. The manufacturer reduces maintenance costs by deploying no-maintenance time belt technology in its machines. “We are delighted that Gries Deco allows us to do a tour of the facility with interested parties. These on-site visits have also impressed other logisticians on the operating efficiency of the machines”, adds Uwe Jonkmanns. MSK also provides a 24-hour standby service, even during the Christmas period. Particularly at times of the year when outputs are high, time is of the essence and additional non-technical helpers are at work, a round-the-clock on-site technical support really becomes a crucial point. MSK’s international presence and multi-lingual service staff make the company a reliable partner here.

Ease of operation

An important factor for MSK is the ease with which its machines can be operated. To this end, the machine manufacturer has developed its own MSK EMSY visualization software package. In what is now the sixth generation, the software is precision-tailored to the MSK machines. Its easy-to-understand 3D animation and diagrams ensure a reduction in personnel training times and a simplified fault rectification procedure. Finding functions is very easy thanks to the clearly structured menu guide and the intuitive interface. Vital status information can be gleaned at a glance.

MSK - Industry’s partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

For over 40 years, the MSK Covertech Group, today with around 500 employees as well as locations in Germany, France, Hungary, USA and China, has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying technology and packaging machinery for automation of the entire pallet handling from the incoming goods stage to truck loading or even to the finished goods warehouse. Well-known concerns and logistics centres are amongst MSK’s regular customers. MSK itself develops and produces an extremely wide range of conveyor technology and packaging machinery and has its own software for machine control purposes.


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