New packaging system for display pallets and unique pallet unwrapping machine at Drinktec 2017


At Drinktec 2017 in Munich, visitors from the beverage and liquid food industry found new pallet packaging solutions on the MSK exhibition stand. The visitors' interest focussed particularly on new packaging systems for so-called display pallets, often in ¼-pallet format.

Display pallets demand powerful conveying and packaging systems, as these are usually top-heavy, owing to the display construction and because of their small dimensions, allow no or very little composite stacking. With an ever increasing range and trend towards smaller pallet formats, existing packaging machines frequently reach their limits due to faster packaging cycles and lighter pallet loads.

MSK presented new packaging systems to the visitors, with which displays can be packed with high-performance, flexibly and without exerting pressure on products and subpackaging. To ensure the high quality displays retain their full advertising effect, MSK pallet packaging provides the maximum possible stability during transport.

In addition, the fully automatic "MSK Defotech" pallet unwrapping machine aroused considerable interest among Drinktec's visitors. The unique and patented machine unpacks film-wrapped pallet loads (used in the beverage industry for pallets with empty containers) safely at a capacity of up to 60 pallets per hour in the most confined space. The unwrapping system is capable of automatically unpacking both shrink-wrapped pallets and those wrapped in stretch film. It offers an efficient solution for increased production speeds and can be linked smoothly with other machines upstream and downstream. As an integrated solution with MSK depalletizing, bottle conveying and palletizing systems, it enhances the automation of a filling or decorating line.

Visitors to the MSK exhibition stand were also able to learn about the complete product portfolio, including depalletizing, unwrapping, shrink-wrap machines, stretch hooders and pallet conveyor systems. Special solutions, such as the MSK Clean Design for the sector's high hygienic standards or specially developed handling modules, for example the placing of display pallets on Euro or Industrial pallets or pallet packaging with open pallet feet for use in automatic high-bay warehouses and AGV transport systems, offer beverage and liquid food manufacturers efficient production processes.

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