Sustainable machine concepts for load securing

Environmentally friendly machine concepts, energy and material savings, minimization of emissions, and the responsible treatment of human resources are goals that are implemented by a variety of measures in the area of load securing. In the development of palletizing, packaging, and conveyor systems for load securing, the MSK Covertech Group focuses on increasing sustainability and implements this goal consistently.

Essential: symbiosis of primary and secondary packaging

The carbon footprint of a product is significantly impacted by the total of production processes, direct primary packaging, secondary packaging, and load securing. If load securing is optimal, both primary and secondary packaging as well as the carbon footprint can be reduced. MSK supports customers in development and test series for saving on packaging material while at the same time maintaining the transport stability for pallet loads required by EUMOS guidelines. The specially installed customer technology center uses various packaging procedures and transport simulations to develop sustainable and yet efficient solutions with great stability – a permanent benefit for customers and the environment.

Protecting resources and investments

For some MSK machines, the cost savings due to resource savings exceed the initial machine investment after only a few years. Machine characteristics such as maintenance-free time belt technology or the use of counterweights to reduce the engine output through balancing also increased the useful life of the systems. Water-based powder coatings and avoiding hydraulics and lubricants protect the environment. Since MSK produces its machines as a modular system and there is thus a lot of flexibility for future modifications and expansion, MSK palletizing, packaging, and conveyor systems provide a high level of investment protection for new product requirements that are still unknown at this time. The availability of spare parts also plays an important role if machines need to be reliably available for years to come. Thanks to our strong vertical integration in production and regional spare part warehouses, spare parts at MSK are available quickly and for the long term. With self-learning technology and intelligent sensors as defined for Industry 4.0, MSK develops processes that further increase the life span and readiness of the machines.

Savings and high energy efficiency

Continuous innovations permit MSK to achieve steady savings in energy and film with its packaging systems. Examples are the patented processes of the MSK hood stretcher for the use of very thin film and an energy consumption of less than 0.07 kWh per package unit or the development of energy-saving heating systems with low temperatures and adjustable heating rods for more efficient shrink-wrapping. MSK shrink systems consume up to 15% less gas than standard systems. When using the MSK Shrinkcover additional savings of up to 40 % are possible. The MSK electric shrink frame uses no gas at all. Film packaging solutions like MSK Flowtech film sleeving procedure are so specifically tailored to the products that they permit the minimal use of film per pallet. Machine components such as IE3 motors in the highest efficiency class or the reduction of motor output via the counter-weight principle for all vertical movement are examples of technology specifically designed to save energy.

The use of environmentally harmful lubricants is sustainably reduced by avoiding hydraulics. In its place, MSK systems use hygienic and maintenance-free time belt technology. The goal of avoiding solvents in machine production led MSK to introduce the more environmentally friendly powder coating with water-based paints. Not lastly, MSK also focuses on the resource of space: palletizing, packaging, and logistics systems are designed to be compact and can thus stand in very small spaces, which saves space in production.
MSK packaging machines process only polyethylene film. The film packaging of the transport units is thus completely recyclable. The fully automated unpacking machine MSK Defotech developed by MSK also considers this cycle: the system fully automatically prepares the film for recycling after unpacking. If necessary, this film is compressed into space-saving bales.

Safety for humans

The safety of personnel is the highest priority. For our customers, this means machine operation, maintenance work, and replacing parts. The operational safety of the machine is ensured through easy to understand operation and 24 h support in case of problems, including via online diagnostics. MSK has positioned itself on a wide international basis in this respect and offers comprehensive services for its customers. The visualization software MSK EMSY, developed specifically by MSK, allows the easy and intuitive operation and configuration of the systems via touchscreen. The clearly structured, intuitive user interface, easy-to-understand status information as well as a user support for almost all functions means reduced training time for operators and makes troubleshooting easier. In addition to error messages, the system simultaneously displays possible causes and solutions. The software also provides support for maintenance management, to make it easier to plan and coordinate maintenance work. Maintenance appointments can be adapted to individual production plans. This increases system efficiency and prevents unnecessary shut-downs. The possibility of automatic backups also ensures particularly high user safety. The machine data are backed up on a server and can be loaded back onto the machine operating terminal when needed.

In addition to simplified machine operation, MSK focuses on ergonomic work processes at the system. MSK is a pioneer in the development of shrink systems whose machine head can be lowered to ground level. This makes it possible to perform maintenance or replace spare parts like the welding bar without climbing onto stages or ladders – a plus for safety and ease of maintenance.

MSK meets the trend towards increasing automation with Industry 4.0 with fully automated logistics systems for all things related to pallet packaging. For instance, fork-lift traffic can be reduced by using mobile conveyor systems. In addition to improved steps in the production process, this also minimizes risk potential for employees and minimizes exhaust fumes and noise. MSK also provides solutions for the fully automated and intelligent loading and unloading of pallets for trucks, and for packaging pallets with film-free pallet feet for automated handling in FTS transport systems or in high bay warehouses.

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