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The use of film to secure loads on pallets is still frequently the packing solution that is the most economical and gentle on the environment. Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve considerable savings in material and costs with the choice of the suitable method. That is why, through the choice of the right method, packaging unit costs can often be kept stable or even reduced, even with rising film costs. 

Something we have specialized in at MSK is individual, comparative tests of different packaging methods as well as transport simulations with customer products from a wide range of industries. Customer test centers set up specifically for this allow fact-based decisions related to film needs and load stability. It is also often possible to realize noticeable savings in the primary packaging through the optimization of the secondary packaging.

Aside from the choice of packaging method (shrinking, hood stretching, or spiral stretching) another decisive factor is the choice of the packaging material – the film. Often it is possible to use thinner films or even films made of recycled material. For example, pallet loads have been packed on MSK packaging machines with films made of 98% bio-based materials – a milestone in the reduction of the CO2 footprint. MSK consistently uses innovative Covertech technologies and patented methods on its machines that allow the use of the thinnest of films with minimum film consumption.

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