Customized MSK packaging and transport systems in the Wopfinger Group

Baumit_MSK Pallet Packaging System

Several factories of the Wopfinger Group, part of the international building materials company Schmid Industrieholding located in Waldegg / Wopfing (Austria), package their building materials with MSK packaging systems, including products of the brands Baumit, Murexin, and Wolf Plastics. Sustainable and highly efficient, MSK systems secure pallet loads with sturdy stretch or shrink hoods. Customized MSK logistics systems with pallet conveying technology also ensure a fully automated connection to palletizing robots and high bay warehouse – even in tight spaces.

MSK successfully tackles the challenge of developing an optimal pallet packaging and logistics system in tight spaces. For instance, this year a customized system for packaging and handling bucket-ware has been installed at Baumit in Waldegg (Austria). The system includes a flexible shrink wrap system of the type MSK Multitech as well as a pallet transport system with stationary conveyors and a mobile shuttle car that safely transports products from the palletizing robots to the packaging system. Forklift transportation was significantly reduced with this automated solution. The MSK system is rounded out with the MSK EMSY 6.0 software, which controls the entire system and stores all necessary pallet data throughout the entire logistics process.

The collaboration with Wopfinger Group has a successful history. In 2015, MSK delivered a high-performance stretch hooder of the type MSK Tensiontech with a capacity of 170 pallets per hour to the Baumit factory in Waldegg. Another stretch hooding system was installed at Baumit in Bulgaria in 2018. Two MSK shrink systems package building materials for transport at the Murexin factory in Wiener Neustadt (Austria), part of the Baumit Group. The MSK packaging system portfolio in the Wopfinger Group is rounded out by the Wolf Plastics factory in Fertöszentmiklós / Hungary: Two MSK Hybrid systems are used there to package varying products flexibly with either stretch or shrink hoods in one and the same system and are also ready for any future product requirements.

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