Packaging concept for building chemicals at MC-Bauchemie


In both its plant in Bottrop as well as in Esslingen the international producer of building chemical products, MC-Bauchemie, has converted its packaging concept to a sustainable stretch-hood solution from MSK. For products such as bagged goods, buckets, canisters, drums and boxes, the stretch-hood imparts high load stability and protection against weather impacts. A connected MSK pallet logistics system with conveyor technology spanning over two floors ensures fully automated pallet transport.

“The majority of our products find their way directly to the construction site. With this solution, the products are better protected against weather impacts. Moreover, we have lower film consumption per load unit, which is important to us particularly because of the sustainability aspect,” says Burkhard Bergmann, Head of Logistics Systems & Maintenance at MC-Bauchemie, explaining the choice of this new packaging solution. He adds: “For us, the process speed, the weather resistance and the lower material consumption are those advantages of stretch-hood packaging that really make a difference.” Within a short period of time MC-Bauchemie ordered three stretch-hood systems of the type MSK Tensiontech for its production plant in Bottrop. A pallet logistics system with connection to the stretch-hood system was also installed. In the Esslingen plant a new stretch-hooder of the type MSK Wraptech followed in 2022.

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