Transport securing and load stability according to Eumos 40509/ EU Directive 2014/47ie 2014/47


In June 2018, the load securing of transport packaging was newly regulated.

The EU Directive requires every cargo to be tested and certified for its cargo stability. In addition, the Directive transfers liability from carriers to manufacturers to avoid shipping non-certified, accident-causing cargoes.

First of all, the provision - as the only specified standard - includes certified test results according to the 40509 standard of the non-profit organization EUMOS (European Safe Logistics Association).

The EUMOS standard stipulates that the elastic deformation of the packaging must be less than 10% and the permanent deformation less than 5%. Furthermore, it must be ensured that the displacement of the individual layers may not exceed 2% (so-called vertical gap) - within the framework of these tolerances no product damage may occur.

The MSK Covertech Group complies with this new European legislation. MSK offers you the opportunity to pack your products with the latest packaging technology in accordance with the EUMOS 40509 standard and prepare them successfully for certification. In our MSK customer technical centre with transport simulator and pallet tilt tests, you can test alternative solutions such as stretch hood packaging or shrink packaging in detail and compare and evaluate them based on concrete facts.

We offer product-related advice and consult about which packaging solution is suitable for your products and cost-efficient according to your requirements.

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