For logistics centers and most companies, the handling of internal transport can take time and easily become a dangerous operation (simultaneous traffic of forklift, hand trolley, etc.). With many years of experience in providing systems for end of line intralogistics, MSK can help you create a safest and more efficient workplace.

In order…

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Reduce your costs and your carbon footprint at each step of your intralogistics with MSK's complete systems - this is how the French magazine VoxLog introduced MSK logistics and supply chain solutions!

With innovation as its guide, the company has developed over the years solutions that simplify end of line operations and automatize pallet…

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A cutting-edge pallet logistics system including stretch-hood machines to package pallet loads has been installed in Unilever’s Hungarian plant in Nyírbátor. The plant primarily produces liquid detergents, laundry gels, disinfectants, and fabric conditioners. Three MSK stretch-hooders now secure the loads on pallets. Transport to the…

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