MSK shrink technology in new dimension

In 2020 MSK Covertech made use of the COVID pandemic phase for numerous new developments, and is now well-prepared to take on the recurring CO2 discussion.

Energy-saving technology

On the new MSK shrink frame, MSK makes systematic use of innovative technology that effectively lowers energy consumption. “Already before the most recent developments in our shrink technology, mean energy requirements of an MSK shrink frame were roughly 10% below the average level. Now, the new generation of shrink frames introduced in 2020 lowers gas consumption by an additional 13%,” explains Uwe Jonkmanns, Sales & Marketing Director at MSK. “Lately, some of our customers are increasingly choosing to use electric shrink frames of the MSK Corritech type, to do without fossil fuels altogether.” In some cases, this received aid from the EU, with subsidies for the use of energy from renewable sources. Furthermore, through the use of the MSK Covershrink, which is also a new development, the new MSK shrink frame can make energy savings of up to 40% possible. Combined with films that contains recycled material, or with biodegradable films, this takes MSK shrink wrapping to a new level. In only a short time more than 20 models of the new MSK shrink frame have already been sold, and 12 machines shipped out.

MSK also uses resource-saving technology in its stretch-hood systems. A compact construction, vertical movements balanced through counterweights, and a patented stretch method all ensure low energy and film consumption.

Sustainability through digitalization

Sustainability is increasingly made possible and visualized through the digitalization of processes. Through the latest digital MSK EMSY products, MSK systems can be monitored for energy and film consumption in real time using live figures and statistics. The MSK EMSY 6 software links the machine controls together to form an intelligent overall system, and plays a key role in the automation of the entire packaging line. For customers that have not yet gone digital in production, with software products such as the MSK EMSY smart app MSK offers mobile status monitoring options for their MSK system, and thus an entry point into the digitalization of their processes. Uwe Jonkmanns is certain: “Environmentally friendly machine concepts, energy savings, reductions in emissions, and digitalization in the sense of Industry 4.0 are goals that will continue to mark the development and production processes of the MSK Group in coming years.”

MSK – Industry partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

With almost 6000 machines sold to date, roughly 500 employees, and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China, for more than 45 years the MSK Covertech Group has been a leading manufacturer of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for automating all pallet handling needs, from goods receipt right to truck loading or into the finished goods warehouse. Prominent manufacturers from a wide variety of industries are among MSK’s regular customer base. MSK develops and produces conveyer technology and packaging systems with high vertical integration, and also controls its systems with its own software.

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