Own solar power for sustainable machine manufacturing at MSK


That the investment by the machine manufacturer MSK Covertech Group in a sustainable and reliable energy supply was a wise decision, was persuasively demonstrated by the energy crisis last year. An efficient photovoltaic system has now been mounted on the roofs of the company headquarters in Kleve since autumn 2022. The system supplies a large proportion of the company’s own power needs and makes an important contribution to avoiding CO2 emissions.

With an output of 277 kWp, MSK uses the photovoltaic system to produce more than 40% of the power needs of the company headquarters. Roughly the same amount of energy is also fed into the public power grid. In addition to administration services, the Kleve site also houses the production facilities for high-performance machines and systems for the premium market. As “think tank” of the company group, it is also where prototypes are developed. Because it has its own sustainable power supply, the company is now more independent of external contingencies, and can protect the environment with a reduction of more than 120 tons of CO2 emissions annually. Modeled on the Kleve site, photovoltaic systems are currently being planned for other MSK sites.

In addition to clean power generation, the grounds of the company headquarters have also now been redesigned to conform to ecological considerations. This includes a large insect-friendly wildflower meadow and other green spaces with a sustainable design. For long-standing customers, for each order it receives MSK plants a tree.

Sustainability and conservation of resources have always been a priority for MSK. Ever since its founding in 1975 it has been a goal in product development to harness new technologies to minimize energy consumption and reduce the amount of material used to secure loads on pallets. In its customer test facility the company conducts trials using increasingly thinner films and films made with recycled or bio-based material. In the development of machine designs, high-efficiency and long-lasting components are used.

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