Resource-friendly packaging with MSK

Combined with the new MSK Covershrink energy-saving kit, the new shrink frame generation introduced in 2020 by the MSK Covertech Group makes it possible to package pallet loads with high energy efficiency while maintaining minimal film consumption and enormous flexibility. The packaging machine manufacturer MSK is registering numerous orders from leading manufacturers, particularly in the cardboard industry.

Energy-saving MSK technology

In its packaging systems for load securing, MSK systematically deploys innovative technology and patented methods which lower the use of energy on a continuous basis, assisted by the use of the thinnest of films and minimal film consumption. “Already before the most recent developments in our shrink technology the energy requirements of an MSK shrink frame were roughly 10% below the average level. Now, the new generation of shrink frames introduced in 2020 lowers gas consumption by an additional 13%,” explains Uwe Jonkmanns, Sales & Marketing Director at MSK. In the new version, noise emissions were reduced even more. Also available is easy parametrization via the MSK EMSY software. Shipments of the new shrink frames have already taken place in different industries. For example, an MSK Synchrotech shrink frame that packages a wide range of different paper formats has been in use in a Finnish paper company since autumn of 2020. A high-performance version with 250 cycles per hour packages large household appliances at a leading appliance manufacturer in Poland. The new shrink frame version has also been shipped to multiple manufacturers in the chemical industry, and is part of four more major orders from the paper and cardboard industry. Some of the cardboard manufacturers have chosen to use electric shrink frames of the type MSK Corritech – a contribution to avoiding the use of fossil fuels.

MSK Covershrink energy-saving kit

Through the use of the newly developed MSK Covershrink energy-saving kit it is possible to achieve maximum savings in heat, and thus energy. In combination with an MSK shrink frame, through recovery the technology ensures that heat generated in shrink-wrapping is used even more efficiently and heat loss is avoided through a system that is largely enclosed. “For some of our customers the new MSK Covershrink was a decisive factor. Saving energy while packaging loads with widely ranging dimensions, and doing it at high throughput, plays a key role in the paper and cardboard industry in particular. Targeted heat generation directly at the load with the lowest possible loss into the surroundings is decisive for an energy-saving packaging system,” says Uwe Jonkmanns, explaining the advantage of the MSK Covershrink module, which permits energy savings of up to 40%.

Highly flexible packaging system

Just as flexible and resource-friendly as the heat-generation technology are also the MSK packaging systems themselves, regardless whether film hoods or film sleeves are used for the packaging of load units. As such, it is often possible to use thinner films, lower quantities of film, or even films made of recycled material. A prominent role is played by the MSK Flowtech film sleeving machine. With this machine high-performance, cost-efficient and resource-friendly packaging is possible for a wide range of formats, because film sleeves with a perfect fit are made for each individual load to be packaged. This way, film use is reduced to a minimum. “At international manufacturers and in the high-performance sector the MSK Flowtech can be found at work with great success in the paper and cardboard industry as well as in the household appliance industry. Wherever it is necessary to package a wide range of different products at high cycle rates in an energy and material-saving way, this system is often the most efficient solution,” explains Uwe Jonkmanns. Moreover, with the MSK Multitech hood applicator a packaging system is available with compact design which can fully automatically package products with a film hood in a resource-friendly way, and has the flexibility of up to four different film formats or thicknesses.

Intelligent complete system with MSK EMSY 6

With the inclusion of peripheral devices such as scanners, labelers, scales, etc., and the connection to customer systems as well as the entire pallet logistics including conveyer technology and pallet handling, MSK specializes in the engineering and supply of complete packaging lines. The MSK EMSY 6 software links the machines together to create one intelligent overall system. In the paper and cardboard industry MSK supplies solutions starting from the receipt of the pallets and their separation downstream from the sheeter, right into the pallet warehouse. MSK EMSY maintains all pallet data seamlessly and communicates, if desired, with the customer’s system. This way the software makes a key contribution to the automation of the entire packaging line. Further digitalization in the packaging area is offered by MSK through software products such as the MSK EMSY smart app for mobile status monitoring of MSK systems, or the MSK EMSY move tablet for mobile and convenient fine adjustment of conveyor lines in the field.

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