Conveying systems for household appliances

MSK Conveying systems for household appliances

Fully automatic product handling from the production to the warehouse

Products in the household appliance industry such as washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, cookers & ovens, microwaves etc., have special requirements when being conveyed internally from the production to the warehouse:

  • High speeds
  • Optimum preparation of the packaging process by precise positioning of the product in the packaging machine
  • Safe handling of different products
  • Transfer of product-specific data to the labelling station or to the warehouse
  • Development of individual solutions of conveyor technology for products with special requirements
  • Communication interfaces to internal ERP systems and peripheral devices
  • Long-lasting premium components

In combination with fully automatic packaging systems conveyor systems act as an integrated transport system in the whole area of end-of-line packaging. Product data can be accompany the product to the warehouse over the control software MSK EMSY. MSK conveying systems recognize variations in product dimensions and optimize the packaging process by centering the product.

Product centring

When moving goods in packaging systems, the precise positioning of the conveyed product saves costs, as the amount of film used can be minimized.

MSK Conveying technology - individual concepts

MSK Conveying systems transport household appliances without forklift trucks, the disturbance of the smooth production flow. Experienced project engineers work out tailor-made concepts for our customers. High performance and high speeds in the household appliance industry production process are the criteria with which MSK conveyor systems have been working successfully for years.


  • Quiet and safe production flow without the use of forklift trucks
  • Precise positioning of the conveyed goods for packaging
  • Cost savings thanks to minimal film size
  • High flexibility in dealing with varying product formats

MSK conveying systems have been an integral part of the MSK product range for over 20 years with very high in-house production depth and quality standards. Long-lasting premium components ensure for the long term durability of MSK conveyors.


Stationary MSK conveyors for household appliances

The comprehensive MSK Transtech product program with stationary conveyor systems provides solutions for almost all applications and product formats in the household appliance industry:

  • MSK Roller conveyors
  • MSK Chain conveyors
  • MSK Plate conveyors
  • MSK Plastic Belt conveyors
  • MSK Shifting conveyors
  • MSK Turning or Direction changing elements

Automated flow of goods into the warehouse

MSK conveyor systems enable complete product logistics all the way to the warehouse. The MSK EMSY software, networked with the customer’s system, receives commands and data regarding a product. Shipping documents can also be generated automatically in this way.

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