MSK pallet conveyors for paper & cardboard packaging

Pallet conveyor technology for paper & printing

Pallet conveyor systems for the paper and cardboard industry

Fully automatic pallet handling from the production to the pallet storage

The paper and cardboard industry makes special demands on pallet conveying since heavy and slippery loads, which often weigh tons, must be safely transported. Also, a flexible longitudinal and transverse transport of pallets as well as customer-specific transport pallets are criteria that must be met.

In combination with fully automatic packaging systems stationary and mobile pallet conveyors and pallet elevators work in the entire area of end-of-line packaging. The use of the software MSK EMSY means that production data accompanies the products on the pallets to the warehouse.

MSK Pallet conveyor technology

Designed with your needs in mind

MSK Conveying systems transport pallets from the production to the truck loading area without the disturbance in production flow caused by forklift trucks. The customized layout concepts required by our customers are worked out by experienced project engineers. The entire MSK conveyor technology is manufactured in-house.


  • Quiet and safe pallet conveyance without the use of forklift trucks
  • Smooth pallet transfer when changing the direction
  • Precise positioning of the products to be conveyed
  • High flexibility with regard to the changing conveyance direction and pallet formats
  • Consistent use of high quality long-lasting premium components
  • Development of individual solutions for pallet conveyor technology with special requirements
  • Communication interfaces to internal ERP systems and peripheral devices

Stationary MSK pallet conveyors for the paper and cardboard industry

The comprehensive MSK Transtech product program with stationary pallet conveyors offers solutions for almost all applications and pallet sizes in the paper and cardboard industry.

  • MSK Plastic belt conveyors
  • MSK Roller conveyors
  • MSK Chain conveyors
  • MSK Plate conveyors
  • MSK Shifting conveyors
  • MSK Rotating elements

Mobile pallet conveyors - MSK shuttle cars for the paper and cardboard industry

For different pallet conveyor lines, depending on the production performance, flexible connecting to each other, and, if required, conveyance through several halls or floors, MSK uses fully automated mobile pallet transport systems:

  • Pallet shuttle car
  • Pallet elevators
  • Vertical conveyors 
  • AGV transport systems

The mobile pallet conveyors can completely replace forklift trucks, which improves the flow of the production process, reduces the potential accident risk for employees and avoids annoying emissions from the forklift trucks. Pallet related data can be transferred to the warehouse.

Additional modules for your pallet transport

Manual pallet feeding station

Ground-level belt conveyors made of steel plates allow easy manual pallet feeding into the packaging line via forklift truck or hand pallet truck. The conveyor module is easy to maintain and suitable for all common pallet formats.

Sheeter connection in the paper and cardboard industry

Developed specifically for the paper and cardboard industry, an MSK portal system downstream from the sheeter separates the pallets by taking each individually and transferring it to a pallet conveyor. On the pallet conveyor the pallets are positioned in either a lengthwise or crosswise transport direction.

Pallet separation via conveyor belt

The separation of paper pallets after the sheeter is achieved by MSK through a special transition between conveyor belt segments. The slight difference in speed of the second segment allows the paper stacks to be separated.

Empty pallet feed

MSK conveyor systems also fully automatically feed empty pallets to the sheeter.

Sheet counter

The integration of sheet counters in the paper industry is part of MSK’s range of services. MSK EMSY records and transmits the data for the further logistics process.

Labeling systems

Fully integrated into MSK systems, robotic or standard labeling systems label pallets immediately before or after packaging, as required by your logistics. Important information data is thus securely linked directly to the load and logged in the control system.

Top-board applicator

Top-boards are applied fully automatically in combination with a top-board magazine for a wide range of pallet sizes.


A strapper integrated into MSK packaging lines additionally secures the packages for transport.

Automated flow of goods into the warehouse

MSK conveyor systems enable complete pallet logistics all the way to the warehouse. The MSK EMSY software, which is networked with the customer’s system, receives commands for the destinations of a pallet and in turn reports positions and data of a pallet back to the ERP system. Shipping documents can also be generated automatically in this way.

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