MSK Semi-automatic shrink wrapping systems

Semi-automatic MSK systems

Semi-automatic shrink hood system MSK Econotech

Professional transport packaging from the first pallet

The MSK Econotech allows for semi-automatic film shrinkage with ease of operation and excellent packaging results. The system is delivered with a pallet settling place and a shrink frame. After the film hood has been applied over the pallet load, it is "shrunk down to size" with a short hot air heating process.

Operating the MSK Econotech

Only three steps to a perfect packaging: 

  1. Positioning of the pallet onto the shrink place
  2. Manual application of the film hood
  3. Automatic shrinking process at the touch of a button



  • High flexibility
  • Simple operation
  • Capacity of up to 20 pallet units per hour
  • Low shrinkage temperatures mean a hot air system without open flames
  • Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with a 5 year warranty
  • Operating with natural gas or propane

High flexibility through modular design

Despite low initial investment you can adapt MSK packaging systems to a rising production volume, whenever necessary. Thanks to retrofittable modules performance can be increased without having to replace the original system completely. For example, for a quicker preparation of precise film hoods the MSK Film hood supplying system or the MSK Bagmaker could both be an ideal supplementary module.

MSK Film hood supplying system for a semi-automated film hooding

The MSK Film hood supplying system prepares film hoods automatically from endless tubing and then positions them over the pallet. The operator just needs to open the hood and pull it over the load.

MSK Bagmaker for precise film hoods

The MSK Bagmaker fashions correctly fitting, economical film hoods for every manner of load, from an endless film tube. The advantage: Expensive, prepared film hoods for each individual size are no longer required.

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