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MSK Robotic palletizers

Multifunctional robot palletizers for high flexibility in the tightest of spaces


The MSK Robotech palletizing robot is an all-rounder for palletizing and depalletizing your products in a wide variety of packing patterns

Changing product requirements, seasonal packaging trends, cost savings and tight spaces require a high degree of flexibility when palletizing and depalletizing a wide variety of products, often in mixed operation. What is needed is an all-rounder that can perform all tasks simultaneously in the tightest of spaces, with a high degree of flexibility and precision. The MSK Robotech palletizing robot is the right solution for this task.


  • Flexible palletizing and depalletizing in the tightest of spaces
  • High precision and fully automatic processes
  • Suitable for a wide range of products and packing patterns
  • Modular design with extensive additional modules
  • Additional functions such as handling trays are possible
  • Easy maintenance and low wear
  • Easy operation thanks to the MSK EMSY visualization software

The MSK robot palletizing station is tailor-made for your intralogistics

MSK robotic palletizing systems are designed according to individual requirements and palletize or depalletize a wide variety of products such as glass containers, bottles, boxes, canisters, drums, bags and much more with high precision according to specified packing patterns. Whether for handling complete layers or individual packages - the equipment with different palletizing heads and additional modules makes MSK robot technology an efficient and powerful palletizing system. Networked peripheral devices and integrated conveyor systems ensure a smooth material flow around the palletizing process, such as the fully automatic feeding of empty pallets and trays.

The right palletizing head for your product

MSK palletizing heads are as individual as your product. For changing products, a job change is possible quickly and easily by adapting or changing the palletizing head. The palletizing head picks the package or product layer safely and gently from the conveyor belt and stacks it precisely on the pallet according to a desired packing or layer pattern. The MSK Robotech palletizing robot also masters the reverse sequence for depalletizing products perfectly. Trays as bottom or intermediate layers can be easily placed or removed by the palletizing robot if required.

What requirements do you have?

We are curious to see what palletizing or depalletizing challenges your product will present to us. Contact us! We will be pleased to advise you.

Simple operation and job change for palletizing and depalletizing with MSK EMSY visualization software

Your robot palletizing system is easy to operate thanks to the MSK EMSY visualization software. MSK EMSY offers automation for the parameter-controlled machine settings. All parameters that are important for production are managed either on a product or batch basis and can be set with graphical support. This saves time when changing jobs and reduces training and familiarization times. In addition to simple parameterization for a wide range of product dimensions, graphic-supported instructions and 3D animations, the software supports troubleshooting, provides statistics, enables remote maintenance, secures data with automatic backups and much more.

Individual accessories for your robotic palletizing system

Robotic palletizing systems can be perfectly adapted to your individual requirements thanks to a wide range of additional modules.

Automatic insertion or removal of trays

If required, the MSK robot palletizer can also place bottom or intermediate trays. For higher performance requirements, a separate layer sheet inserter is used.

Centering frame for the palletizing process

MSK centering frames ensure safe stacking of products on pallets and center the load for optimum stability.

Empty pallet logistics and feeding of trays

The fully automatic infeed/outfeed of empty pallets and trays is integrated into palletizing or depalletizing stations. The empty pallets and trays are placed in special MSK magazines directly at the palletizing station.

Fully automatic film sleeving to secure unwrapped, palletized goods for internal transport

Available as a stand-alone solution or integrated in the palletizing system, the MSK Looptech film sleeving machine can intervene before, during, or after the palletizing process on certain product layers. The system works in the tightest of spaces and is suitable for the highest production speeds.

FANUC Authorized System Integrator

As FANUC authorized system integrator MSK is experienced in developing and implementing robot solutions for almost any palletizing application. MSK is ready to review your system requirements and provide a solution that will enhance your production towards automation and efficiency. 

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