Mobile status monitoring – MSK EMSY smart

Mobile status monitoring of MSK systems with the MSK EMSY smart app

See what is important: information in real time – everywhere, all the time

The user-friendly MSK EMSY smart app for smartphone or tablet is an information tool that quickly provides status information for packed pallets or products at any location, without having to be on-site at the MSK system.

The app can be used for one or more MSK machines, or complete MSK lines. The data provided remains securely in the corporate network and is protected against access by third parties. Communication with MSK EMSY functions using a VPN connection.


  • Mobile status monitoring of MSK systems – everywhere, all the time
  • Allows preventative measures in case of deviation from course – even when on the road
  • Quick and targeted action with employees in the production facility – in time, even when off-site

Live information on performance indicators

Live information on performance indicators such as time statistics, availability, efficiency and fault messages is available quickly, wherever you are.


  • Dashboard: all performance indicators at a glance
  • Operation times, waiting times and downtimes at a glance
  • Display of performance for pallets or products packaged per hour, per shift, etc., compared to target values
  • Fault messages in real time

Quick and targeted action raises the efficiency of your MSK system

With the MSK EMSY smart app you are always up to date, wherever you may be. Even when you are not on-site, live information still allows you to act quickly together with your employees at the production facility. Preventive measures can be discussed with your team on site in case of deviations from course.

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