Effective load securing for food & beverages logistics centers in France

In its logistics centers in Gonesse the local brand of major metropolitan cities FRANPRIX converted its pallet packaging system to high-performance and sustainable MSK stretch-hood systems. Because of the special technology the stretch-hood wrapping machines register every single contour of the load. This way, compared to the former spiral-stretching technology, they ensure savings in film while providing higher load stability at the same time. And with a capacity of up to 100 pallets per hour each, the MSK stretch-hood wrapping machines also satisfy the increased requirements at the logistics centers, improving their CO2 footprint through savings in film and energy.

Reliable and resilient stretch hoods

In its search for a new method of packaging, FRANPRIX, integrated into the Casino Group, approached MSK to test the latest stretch hood technology and compare it to spiral-stretching technology. Increasing requirements on performance, flexibility, stability and all-round protection at the Gonesse location called for a new technological solution. After a reference tour of a logistics center in Frankfurt, Germany, with MSK System, and multiple packaging tests in the MSK customer test facility in Reyrieux, north of Lyon, the FRANPRIX project managers were persuaded by the MSK stretch hood technology and ordered two MSK pallet packaging lines of the type MSK Tensiontech for the site in Gonesse. In terms of film consumption and packaging performance the MSK technology surpassed both current spiral-stretching technology as well as that of other suppliers of hood stretching technology. Stretch hoods ensure all-round reliable packaging that is more robust for transportation. A stretch hood effectively protects the load against theft and transport damage. At FRANPRIX the stretch-hood wrapping machines work reliably in low-temperature between 2 and 4 °C.

Based on this successful experience and the performance of this solution conducted on the Gonesse FRANPRIX site, LEADER PRICE - another CASINO Group brand - has decided to deploy two MSK stretch-hood wrapping machines for the Wissous fresh warehouse. In total, eight spiral stretchers were replaced by four new MSK stretch-hooding machines for these two entities of the CASINO group.

FRANPRIX is continuing to roll out this solution with a new order for three stretch-hooding machines for its dry activities at the Chennevières-sur-Marne site for an installation in April 2020.

Sustainable and efficient packaging

To package its commissioned fresh goods FRANPRIX and LEADER PRICE uses film with a thickness of 30 my. Thanks to the customized hood cover and patented methods such as MSK vertical stretching and MSK coordinate stretching the thin film still provides high robustness at low film consumption. With the special ability to precisely register the contours of loads, such as loads arranged in a pyramid shape, the length of the hood is adapted to reduce the size of the film tip. This increases load stability and saves film. The stretch-hood wrapping machines also feature very low energy consumption of less than 0.07 kWh. So with MSK machines the savings achieved through the conservation of resources can exceed the initial machine investment already after only a few years. Regarding the design of the machine, MSK places high priority on sustainability. Features such as maintenance-free time-belt technology or the use of counterweights to reduce motor power, water-based powder coatings or avoiding the use of hydraulics or lubricants all contribute to protecting the environment. Since MSK produces its equipment based on a modular design, which provides enormous flexibility to account for future modifications and expansions, MSK packaging systems offer high investment protection when it comes to new requirements on products which may not yet even exist today. To accommodate internal pallet handling by conveyor systems and forklifts the stretch-hood wrapping machines were also furnished with the MSK's collar-stretch procedure, which places the film on the top panel of the pallet, so that the pallet feet remain free of film.

High-performance system

A special MSK method of prefabricating the film hood already while a pallet is being scanned ensures the high packaging rate of 100 commissioned Euro pallets per hour.
MSK Tensiontech stretch-hood wrapping machines also have a machine head that can be lowered to working level. This makes maintenance work or replacement of parts such as the welding bar quick and easy, which reduces the downtimes. Another advantage is that the film rolls are replaced outside of the protective guard area, so a roll can be replaced without having to stop the equipment.

All-round service

For its equipment MSK offers 24 hours standby service. Onsite, around the clock technical support can make all the difference, especially in seasonal situations with high throughput, tight deadlines and additional unskilled support staff. With its local presence and service staff in France MSK is a reliable partner for FRANPRIX and LEADER PRICE.

Easy operation

MSK stretch-hood wrapping machines are operated with the MSK EMSY visualization software. Already in its sixth generation today, it is tailored precisely to MSK machines. With its easy-to-understand 3D animations and graphics, initial training time for staff can be reduced and troubleshooting simplified. Its clearly structured menu navigation and intuitive user interface make it easy to find the functionality you are looking for. Important status information can be ascertained at a glance.

MSK – Industry partner for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

The MSK Covertech Group today has roughly 500 employees and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China. For more than 40 years they have been a leading manufacturer of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for automating all pallet handling needs, from goods receipt right to truck loading or the finished goods warehouse. Notable concerns and logistics centers are included in MSK's base of established customers. MSK develops and produces the conveyor technology and packaging systems itself, with high vertical integration, and also produces its own software for controlling its equipment.

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