MSK Stretch Hood Machines

MSK Stretch Hood Machines

MSK Stretch Hood Machines - packaging solutions for efficient hood packaging of pallets and large containers

MSK Stretch Hood offers a cost-efficient and safe alternative to the conventional pallet stretch wrapper

MSK stretch hooders are highly efficient automated packaging systems for securing loads on pallets. Compared to conventional pallet stretch wrappers, the MSK Stretch Hood technology offers distinct advantages:


  • Very good branding due to high quality surfaces
  • Easy to read barcodes under the film
  • 5-sided protection against dirt, moisture and theft
  • Reduced damage during transport and storage
  • Cost savings on film and energy
  • Higher packaging performance

Fully Automatic Stretch Hooder MSK Tensiontech

Flexible automated hood packaging system at high performance

The fully automatic stretch hood machine MSK Tensiontech uses a special film stretching process for pallet stretching. This method enables the packaging of a wide variety of different load units both on pallets and freestanding with a stable stretch hood. The Covertech technology stretches the film hood specifically for each pallet / package format to meet the required dimensions in width and length. In this way, it is able to secure loads according to their specific properties. The specialized and patented MSK Stretch Hood technology allows for the use of thinner films than conventional stretch wrap machines. This saves material and ensures ideal impact of brand logos for advertising. The flexible stretch packaging system can achieve high performance. A MSK hood stretcher packs up to 180 pallets / hour.


  • High flexibility with fully automatic processing of up to four different film formats or thicknesses
  • Precise hooding due to the patented MSK device for gathering the film (EP 1 353 847) and for the MSK vertical film stretching process (EP 1 717 148)
  • High-quality weld formation
  • Easy maintenance due to lowerable machine head and maintenance-free time belt technology
  • Reduced space and energy requirements due to compact design

Energy-Efficient Stretch Packaging

The MSK Stretch Hood System processes the thinnest of films without the use of hydraulics and gas. Thanks to specialized MSK technology, energy consumption is well below 0.07 kW per packaging unit, depending on the product and performance. Compared to many similar packaging systems – such as the conventional stretch wrapper – about 30% energy can be saved.

Optimal Branding

With its high-quality surfaces and use of printed films, MSK Stretch Hood machines offer optimal impact for advertisements. The products are protected against moisture and dirt from five sides. At the same time, they are clearly visible under the film packaging. Barcodes under the packing film can also be scanned easily.

Additional Modules for MSK Stretch Hood Systems - For maximum load stability and simplified pallet handling

Special film application processes strengthen pallet loading in particularly critical load areas. This is possible through the application of an additional film belt. The collar stretch procedure also enables easy pallet handling in automatic high-rack storage systems and AGV transport systems.

  • Collar Stretch Procedure: The film is placed like a belt on the top panel of the pallet. The pallet feet remain film-free, enabling automated pallet handling.
  • Understretch Procedure: The film is pulled deep underneath the pallet. As a result, the vertical tension force of the packaging is increased to an optimum.
  • Belt Stretch Procedure: An additional film belt reinforces the load at the bottom.



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