Stability, efficiency and protection - the strengths of stretch-hood wrapping for logistics centers


The Exacompta Clairefontaine group has once again placed its trust in MSK's stretch hooding solutions for their logistics center Clairefontaine Rhodia at Ottmarsheim near Mulhouse. The MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder delivered in 2019 has increased packaging efficiency while reducing, if not deleting, the transport damage rate.

A relationship of trust based on satisfaction

Due to high production rates, logistics centers are increasingly required to automate their processes for greater efficiency and safety. In response to such a need for automation, Clairefontaine Rhodia turned to MSK, which in the past has responded positively to the needs of the group to which the company belongs - Exacompta Clairefontaine. Indeed, it all started in 2011 when MSK installed for a subsidiary of the group – Exacompta - an MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder in Vémars near Paris. Then in May 2016 their subsidiary Papeteries Sill in Wizernes was equipped with a shrink hood machine in response to a need for automation and replacement of aging equipment. Therefore, it is quite naturally that their subsidiary Clairefontaine Rhodia also turned to MSK. "The trust that the group has placed in us through its various orders attests to the quality of our systems and their compatibility with logistics centers", declared Clément Gagnière, Sales Engineer at MSK Emballage.

Clairefontaine Rhodia has installed an MSK Tensiontech stretch hooder in 2019, coupled with a weighing system and a manual barcode reader. For more efficiency, the weighing system is also connected to the MSK EMSY operating software. This digital tool similar to a smartphone or a tablet allows operators for easy handling and troubleshooting thanks to an intuitive interface - recognized as a real plus by the company, as well as the robustness of MSK machines over time.

High speed packaging with effective load protection

The stretch hooding system allows pallets to be packed at a high rate of speed, which translates into considerable time savings for the company. The efficiency is also improved throughout the supply chain since the loading of trucks downstream is thus faster.  
The stretch film gently covers each individual load to stabilize it effectively. Due to the closed hood, the MSK stretch hood system offers a 5-sided protection against theft and dirt. The hood forms a waterproof packaging that protects the load against all types of weather, even when stored outside. Clairefontaine Rhodia also acknowledges that since the use of the MSK stretch hood system they have noticed a decrease in thefts and complaints of damage during transport such as wet products. The transparency of the stretch hood also makes it easier to read barcodes. In addition, the MSK stretch hooding system operates in a hygienic manner without using hydraulics. The system offers a calculable film consumption and makes it possible to use thinnest films, which saves film and energy. All in all, the patented stretch hooding technology not only saves packaging material but also increases the stability and protection of the load, compared to traditional spiral-stretching technology for example.

High transport safety

The transportation of palletized goods is often a problem for companies that must sometimes deal with claims such as wet or damaged products. The Clairefontaine Rhodia company has stated that their MSK Tensiontech stretch hood system resulted in a reduction of theft and damage during transport thanks to a 5-sided waterproof protection and a high stability. The high quality of the packaging also helps the company in regard to contract transport providers.


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