Sustainable machine concepts for load securing


Environmentally friendly machine concepts, energy and material savings, minimization of emissions, and the responsible treatment of human resources are goals that are implemented by a variety of measures in the area of load securing. In the development of palletizing, packaging, and conveyor systems for load securing, the MSK Covertech Group focuses on increasing sustainability and implements this goal consistently.

Essential: symbiosis of primary and secondary packaging
The carbon footprint of a product is significantly impacted by the total of production processes, direct primary packaging, secondary packaging, and load securing. If load securing is optimal, both primary and secondary packaging as well as the carbon footprint can be reduced. MSK supports customers in development and test series for saving on packaging material while at the same time maintaining the transport stability for pallet loads required by EUMOS guidelines. The specially installed customer technology center uses various packaging procedures and transport simulations to develop sustainable and yet efficient solutions with great stability – a permanent benefit for customers and the environment.

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