Gries Deco (Case Study)


In logistics centres, no one pallet load resembles the next. For over 5 years now, a high performance MSK stretch hood system has been reliably and efficiently packaging order-picked products onto pallets at Gries Deco Company GmbH in Niedernberg/Germany for shipment. A special system records each individual loading contour for pallet-specific film hoods. This ensures both very stable packaging and a minimum of film consumption.

Individual stretch hoods for order-picked loads: With a high performance of up to 100 pallets an hour, three MSK Tensiontech stretch hood machines package hand-picked items onto pallets for shipment at the Niedernberg Logistics Centre of Gries Deco Company GmbH. Given that each pallet load is of a different size, weight and contour, MSK has installed scanner frames in front of the packaging machinery...  > Gries Deco Case Study

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