Sauer (Case Study)


In the company of Sauer GmbH Co. KG with headquarters in Neustadt near Coburg (Germany) two new MSK stretch hood machines package pallets with plastic bottles stable and hygenically for storage and transport. The modern technology allows the use of very thin films and thus offers a highly efficient packaging for the palletized plastic products. A third MSK stretch hood machine will be put into operation at Sauer in the same year.

So as to ensure that the palletized empty plastic bottles in the production plants of the company Sauer are hygienically packed, the pallet packaging must ensure a safe protection against moisture, dirt and insects. In the past, stretch wrapping packaging could not fully meet this requirement. The newly installed MSK system now protects the products reliably with water proof film packaging. A film at the base of the pallet, combined with the MSK collar stretch procedure ensures a safe climate sealing of the packaged goods. The machines work without the use of hydraulic system above the product and thus offer an appropriate hygienic handling throughout the packaging process.> Sauer (Case Study)

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