Hygienic pallet packaging for plastic products

In the company of Sauer GmbH Co. KG with headquarters in Neustadt near Coburg (Germany), two new MSK stretch hood machines package pallets with plastic bottles for storage and transport, in a manner which is both stable and hygienic. The modern technology allows the use of very thin films and thus offers a highly efficient packaging for the palletized plastic products. A third MSK stretch hood machine will be put into operation in the same year.

Hygienically packed

To ensure that the palletized empty plastic bottles in the production plants of the company Sauer are hygienically packed, the pallet packaging must ensure for a safe protection against moisture, dirt and insects. In the past, stretch wrapping packaging could not fully meet this requirement. The newly installed MSK equipment now protects the products reliably with water proof film packaging. A film at the base of the pallet, combined with the MSK collar stretch procedure ensures a safe climate sealing of the packaged goods. The machines work without the use of hydraulic system above the product and thus offer an appropriate hygienic handling throughout the packaging process.

Savings through use of the thinnest foil

With the choice of a stretch wrapping for plastic hollow body; pressure sensitivity is a very critical factor. The properties of the pre-packing plays a decisive role in the choice of the most efficient packaging solution. So as to choose the right foil for the company Sauer from a wide range varying in material properties and thickness, we conducted tests in the MSK Customer Technology Centre until we found just the right one. "Today our customer packed his products with a pallet height up to 2.30 m and a foil thickness of 35 µm with a capacity of 120 Euro pallets per hour, that is the most robust and the best packaging solution that there is.," emphasizes Uwe Jonkmanns, Sales Marketing Director at MSK.  

Project manager Benno Sauer reports: "We would like to thank you for the professional and competent advice and support during the conversion from winding stretcher to hood stretcher. MSK has excellent care and service ensuring that the critical transition phase went smoothly, without any hitches and to our complete satisfaction."

Technology Advantage MSK Tensiontech

Through the use of MSK patents as the MSK slide opening system, MSK corner securer, MSK slide anti wrinkle procedure, the unique coordinate tensioning procedure and the patented MSK vertical stretch allow MSK stretch hood machines the use of thinner films. Through the precise hood assembly, slide gather and the hood application a uniform and therefore gentle stretching of the film is possible. The lowerable machine head and simple plug connectors allow easy maintenance and a fast welding bar change at an ergonomic working height. "Further savings in energy and maintenance may arise due to the compact design with counter weights and a maintenance-free timing belt technology," adds Uwe Jonkmanns.

Benno Sauer confirms: "The systems have proven to be excellent in continued operation. Due to the significant benefits with respect to hygiene, load stability, performance and energy savings per hour we decided to convert all the systems. At the end of the year we will take delivery of our third MSK Stretch hood. We look forward to future projects and can recommend MSK heartily."


Intuitive operating software

The control software MSK EMSY BASIC which was supplied to the company Sauer, simplifies the operation of the packaging equipment considerably. The graphical operating system which was specially designed for MSK machines developed, is equipped with an intuitive interface. A touch panel with clear 3D graphics and animations facilitates the operator guidance in automatic and manual mode and provides support for troubleshooting. The software contains numerous statistical analyzes as well as tools for service and maintenance. For rapid assistance via remote maintenance, MSK specialists are available around the clock. By retrofitting of various upgrades to the system a customer-specific HMI is expandable.


Individual packaging tests - the product decides

In order to find the ideal packaging system for a particular product MSK conducts extensive comparative tests and transport simulations in cooperation with the customer at the MSK Customer Technical Center. This is the most reliable way to a fact-based and product-specific solution.


40 years MSK innovations

For over 40 years now, the MSK Group has been in the service of its customers. By constantly new and further developments of its packaging solutions in cooperation with leading manufacturers of various industries and an international business structure today, MSK belongs to the leading manufacturers of stretch hood and shrink machines, palletizers, individual pallet conveyor technology and the MSK control software EMSY.

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