Cutting-edge intralogistics for Unilever


A cutting-edge pallet logistics system including stretch-hood machines to package pallet loads has been installed in Unilever’s Hungarian plant in Nyírbátor. The plant primarily produces liquid detergents, laundry gels, disinfectants, and fabric conditioners. Three MSK stretch-hooders now secure the loads on pallets. Transport to the high-bay warehouse is realized via an MSK pallet conveying system with link to the MES system.


From engineering to assembly – everything from a single source

Following joint projects in 2003 and 2016, in 2020 and 2021 MSK received further orders for a comprehensive pallet conveying system and a total of three stretch-hood systems for packaging the palletized products. By the end of 2022 a comprehensive, cutting-edge pallet logistics system had been set up, which today fully automatically connects all 12 production lines right to intake in the high-bay warehouse. From planning to production and programming to commissioning, the entire project was managed and implemented by MSK.

Sustainable load-securing with stretch-hood

For the Unilever production plant, high-performance intralogistics are essential. Three stretch-hooders of the type MSK Tensiontech package the palletized products with a flexible stretch-hood for storage and transport. The packaging ensures a high level of protection against dirt, moisture and theft. With its low consumption of energy and film due to the patented MSK stretch technique, the machines contribute to the sustainability of the packaging line. On both Euro as well as industrial pallets, the stretch-hooders package the loads at a performance of up to 50 pallets per hour each in mixed operations. To process different pallet formats, the stretch-hooders are equipped with a rotating head. This head automatically adapts the film hood to the pallets’ direction of transport, so the unpackaged pallets do not have to be rotated. The MSK machines also facilitate maintenance processes: The machine head of the MSK Tensiontech can be lowered to work level, making maintenance considerably quicker and easier.

Fully automated pallet conveying system

MSK pallet conveyor technology is produced entirely in MSK’s own production plants – from the production of parts to final assembly. Energy-efficient and long-lasting components are used, which enhances the sustainability of the entire system. The pallet conveying system installed at Unilever in Nyírbátor is composed of a total of more than 120 conveyor segments. It includes roller conveyors, chain conveyors, corner transfer units and vertical conveyors for transport to multiple floors. With the help of the MSK EMSY machine software MSK developed in-house, all details of Unilever’s individual requirements on the fully automated overall system could be implemented.

Integrated quality check

Integrated in the pallet logistics system, a detailed pallet check is performed at three identification points. With the help of scales and scanners, the weight of the load and its contour is recorded with height, width and length. If differences between the measured data and the anticipated target values of the customer’s system are detected, the load is discharged from the line and conveyed to a manual checking station. Even the carrier pallet itself is subjected to a check, to detect damage to the runners early on, for example, and thus ensure perfect handling in the automated high-bay storage system.

Smart pallet handling

With the MSK EMSY control and visualization software, it was possible to implement all required processes, visualize them for operators clearly and understandably, and interconnect their data. The software records the relevant pallet data in the logistics process and communicates with both the internal ERP system as well as the installed peripheral devices such as scanners, pallet scales, and labelers. The interconnection of communications allows pallets to be tracked right into the high-bay warehouse and the entire logistics process to be fully automated. Moreover, MSK EMSY offers predictive maintenance management, remote control and online diagnostics, and supplies consumption and production statistics in real time.

MSK – Industry partner for palletizing, conveying, packaging and unpackaging systems

With more than 6,000 machines sold to date, roughly 600 employees, and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China, for almost 50 years the MSK Covertech Group has been a leading manufacturer of palletizing, conveying, packaging and unpacking machines for automating all pallet handling needs, from goods receipt right to truck loading or into the finished goods warehouse. Prominent manufacturers from a wide variety of industries belong to MSK’s regular customer base. MSK develops and produces conveyor technology and packaging systems with high vertical integration and produces its own software to control its systems.

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