MSK at LogiMAT 2022 in Stuttgart

You want to automate your flow of goods and reduce packaging costs and need the right equipment? The topic of sustainability is playing an increasingly important role. Our MSK specialists will advise you at LogiMAT 2022 on customized, sustainable solutions.  
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All from a single source - your fully automated pallet logistics

MSK supports you in the automation of your intralogistics processes, pallet handling already from goods receipt, production, pallet packaging and outgoing goods. The MSK EMSY 6 visualization and control software displays the required processes simply and comprehensibly. The database-based software communicates with your MES or ERP system. This is decisive for data security and an optimal level of automation.

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MSK conveyor systems for your automated flow of goods

The automation of your logistics already starts with the fully automated truck unloading. Already at the goods receiving department, the delivered pallets can thus be infeed into the internal logistics via an automatic system. Automatic truck loading is also possible. Furthermore, MSK offers not only stationary conveyors for transport, but also mobile transfer cars (MSK Linktech) and automated guided vehicles (AGV). Thus, the disturbance caused by forklift traffic and undesirable exhaust fumes can be avoided. Experienced project engineers develop customized layout concepts for this purpose. Feel free to contact us at LogiMAT 2022.

Sustainable load securing - savings in pallet packaging

MSK packaging machines secure a wide variety of products on pallets. The film usually already contains recyclate and the packaging is usually also fully recyclable. A special MSK technique, in which the film is carefully and tailor-made stretched around the load, can not only save packaging material but also increases load stability. In addition, closed hoods offer the advantage of theft protection.
Through ongoing innovations and patented processes, MSK's packaging systems enable continuous savings in energy, gas and film consumption. For example, the MSK shrink technology, newly developed in 2020, sustainably reduces gas consumption. Even before the latest further development of MSK shrink technology, the energy consumption of an MSK shrink frame was on average around 10% below the average level. The new generation of shrink frames now reduces gas consumption by an additional 13%. The MSK Corrytech electric shrink system operates entirely without the use of gas.

For easy and fast maintenance, MSK film hooders have a lowerable machine head. With ground-level access and the simplest plug-in connections, MSK packaging lines offer a high level of user-friendliness.

Fully automatic unwrapping of pallets - unpacking made easy

In order to automate pallet logistics not only at the end of the production line, but also in the goods receiving area, MSK offers a complete package for unpacking pallets from film and strapping, as well as subsequent depalletizing, all from a single source. The MSK portfolio in this area includes the fully automatic MSK Defotech defoiling system, a fully automatic MSK Destraptech destrapper, and depalletizing systems based on gantries or robots. For high pallet loads, the defoliation system reduces manual intervention by personnel to a minimum, a plus for occupational safety. The machine fits seamlessly into the existing production flow and can also be linked smoothly with upstream and downstream machines. After unpacking, the MSK Defotech automatically prepares the film for recycling via a special film discharge conveyor. If the packaging films are collected according to type, they can be completely recycled - an advantage that contributes to the sustainability of the production line.

MSK - Partner of the industry for palletizing, conveying and packaging systems

For over 45 years, the MSK Covertech Group, with today around 500 employees and locations in Germany, France, Hungary, the USA and China, has been one of the leading manufacturers of palletizing, conveying and packaging machines for automating the entire pallet handling process from goods receipt to truck loading or to the finished goods warehouse. Well-known manufacturers from a wide range of industries are among MSK's regular customers. MSK develops and produces conveyor technology and packaging systems with a high degree of vertical integration itself and also controls its systems with its own software.

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