MSK pallet conveyors for logistics centers

Pallet conveying systems for logistics centers

MSK pallet conveyor technology for logistics centers

Fully automatic pallet handling from incoming goods to loading  

The transport of pallets in logistics and distribution centers places a wide range of demands on conveyor systems. Unpackaged, partially unstable loads with picked goods, a high cycle output and varying pallet loads and weights require smooth transport and gentle conveyor transfers when changing direction. Comprehensive and fully automatic logistics systems with stationary and mobile pallet conveyors controlled by the MSK Software EMSY can be used to reduce forklift traffic.

Combined with fully automatic pallet packaging systems, MSK pallet conveyors act as an integrated transport system. Particularly for conveying to packaging lines, precise positioning of the transported unit saves costs by minimizing film consumption.


  • Smoother and more secure pallet logistics without forklift traffic
  • Pallet data is maintained throughout the entire logistics process thanks to MSK EMSY software
  • Cost savings thanks to the minimization of film consumption during pallet packaging
  • High flexibility for changing transport units
  • Development of individual solutions of pallet conveyor technology for products with special requirements

MSK conveyor systems have been an integral component of MSK production for more than 20 years, with a high level of vertical integration and quality standards. Premium components with a long service life ensure the long-term use of MSK conveyors.

Stationary MSK pallet conveyor technology for logistics centers

Pallet conveyors and conveyor systems for a wide range of requirements

The extensive MSK Transtech product portfolio offers stationary conveyor systems for nearly every application and pallet format in logistics centers:

  • MSK roller conveyors
  • MSK chain conveyors
  • MSK plate conveyors
  • MSK shifting conveyors
  • MSK rotating elements

Mobile MSK pallet shuttle cars, vertical conveyors and AGV transport systems for logistics centers

Where the use of stationary pallet conveyors is not possible, forklifts are frequently used to transport unpackaged or packaged pallets. However, this adds commotion to the logistics process along with an increased potential for danger and undesirable exhaust gases.

Mobile pallet transport systems are an alternative, which ensure a smooth and automated flow of goods which additionally ensures that pallet specific data accompany the pallets to the warehouse. Mobile MSK conveyor systems allow for fully automatic pallet transport without disruptive forklift traffic. Experienced project engineers prepare customized layout concepts for these systems.


  • MSK Linktech shuttle car
  • Vertical conveyors
  • AGV transport systems