Pallet conveyor systems for the beverage industry

Pallet conveyor systems for the beverage industry

MSK Conveying systems for beverage pallets

Pallet conveyors and pallet handling from the production to the pallet storage warehouse

The transport of beverage pallets places a wide range of demands on the pallet conveyor system. Unpackaged, unstable products as well as the most diverse range of formats such as ½, ¼ or dolly pallets and a therewith related change of the pallet conveyance direction require special conveyor system transitions. In addition, the conveyor system must meet the high hygiene standards of a beverage production.

The spectrum of the MSK bottle and pallet handling in the beverage industry starts with efficient bottle conveying, the transportation from the palletizing station to the packaging machine and continues through to the truck loading area or to storage in the pallet warehouse. The scope of the demands placed on a pallet conveyor system also includes the pallet handling for packaging materials such as empty glass, or PET, bottles and boxes required for the production process.

  • For over twenty years an integral part of the MSK production with its very high in-house production depth and quality standards
  • Long-lasting premium components according to the standards in the beverage industry for a hygienic and durable use
  • Safe transfer of slippery and unpackaged loads by careful transfer of the pallet after a change in conveyance direction
  • Development of individual solutions in pallet conveyor technology

Integrated transport system for pallet packaging systems

In combination with fully automatic packaging systems pallet conveyors work as an integrated transport system. Especially in the case of transportation to packaging systems the precise positioning of the conveyed goods can be cost saving because the packaging film size can be minimized.

Stationary MSK pallet conveyors for the beverage industry

The comprehensive MSK Transtech product program offers stationary pallet conveyor systems for almost all applications, pallet formats and pallet running directions in the beverage industry. Maximum work loads and continuous operation in the beverage industry are conditions under which MSK equipment has been operating successfully for years, thereby making a name for itself.

  • MSK Roller conveyors
  • MSK Chain conveyors
  • MSK Plate conveyors
  • MSK Rotating elements

Mobile MSK pallet shuttle cars for the beverage industry

Where the use of stationary pallet conveyors for the connection of different production lines or conveyor systems is not possible, as an alternative to transport by forklift trucks mobile pallet transport systems (pallet shuttle cars) could be used. In addition to improved processes in the production process the risk of injury to the employees is reduced. Experienced project engineers develop customized layout concepts for our customers with modules such as:

  • Shuttle cars (MSK Linktech)
  • AGV transport systems
  • Elevators and vertical conveyors



  • Quiet automated production flow
  • Pallet load specific data taken to the warehouse

Automatic stacking of display pallets on master pallets

For the positioning of the Dusseldorf, ¼ or ½ industry or dolly pallets MSK offers automatic handling systems for the positioning of two or four displays onto master pallets with Euro or industrial pallet dimensions.

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