MSK Pallet Shrink Wrap machine

Shrink wrap systems for building materials

MSK pallet shrink wrap machines for the building material industry

Depending on the physical properties of the load and the stack layout on the pallet, the stability of the transport package depends on the choice of pallet packaging technology. The maximum load stability with negligible pressure on the product will be achieved with a shrink packaging system.

Special shrink wrapping solutions for different building material groups

Due to the different requirements of our customers' products, MSK shrink wrapping machines offer special solutions for different product groups.

Stone building materials

Products such as sand-lime bricks, breeze blocks and clinker are heavy materials with sharp edges. The required securing of the load is often provided by a steel strapping band. The demands on the load stability provided by the film packaging are increased if the steel band is omitted. The packaging must be executed using a film with a high tensile strength. Shrink packaging is often the most efficient solution.

Chemical building materials

Chemical building materials such as paint, fillers, material in buckets and canisters place particularly high demands on the load stability, the products are often stacked in the form of pillars and not flush with the pallet. Deformation of pressure-sensitive products must be avoided. In the building material industry, flammable products or production processes also require a high level of attention in the choice of packaging technology. MSK develops the appropriate individual pallet packaging solutions with a transport simulation.

Large formats building materials

Large building material products such as insulation panels, insulation board or concrete screed panels require a particularly flexible packaging system due to their weight and their varying dimensions. Shrink packaging is often the most efficient solution in this context, since stretch packaging is frequently not available in the required product range and fails to offer sufficient moisture protection. The MSK Flowtech film wrapping machine with shrink portal is specially designed for large-format products up to a length of approx. 5,000 mm.

Shrink hood applicator MSK Multitech:

Space-saving shrink wrapping machine for changing product formats

The shrink hood applicator MSK Multitech owes its name to its multi-functionality: The system automatically processes up to six film formats or thicknesses. This provides the flexibility to package various pallet formats and the ability to approach every opening size even when the loads have different dimensions. Thanks to this technique MSK Multitech can save film by minimizing the film amount.


  • High packaging flexibility with up to 6 different film types
  • Reliable film hoods by high-quality seam welding during the hood formation.
  • Simple maintenance thanks to lowerable machine head
  • Maintenance-free timing belt and very low energy consumption
  • Ergonomic film roll change without entry into the danger zone

MSK Shrink frames:

Pallet shrink wrapping with hot air

MSK shrink packaging machines work with a special mixing air heating process at low temperatures. Thanks to this gentle shrink process, sharp edges and points on the product do not tear holes in the film. Protection and water resistance for long term outdoor storage is secured. MSK technology also makes the use of thinner films possible, thus lowering the cost of packaging materials significantly. 


  • Extremely low-maintenance
  • Target specific controllable shrink process
  • Suitable for the use of thin films
  • Safe shrink systems with low temperatures
  • MSK Undershrink procedure for highest load stability
  • Maintenance-free MSK heating elements with a 5 year warranty 

MSK Undershrink procedure:

The MSK Undershrink system adjusts itself automatically to the pallet contour during pallet packaging to ensure a safe release of the pallet. Deep under the pallet runners, the film achieves its maximum grip thus offers a maximum load stability for the packages on the pallet.

Hardly any procedure has influenced pallet shrink packaging systems as much as the MSK Undershrink system. Patented in the eighties this MSK principle has lead to a significant reduction of the thickness of the films used in pallet packaging.

In conjunction with the MSK Anti-collage procedure, the Undershrink procedure enables a crease-free pallets shrinkage. The maximum clamping force of the film comes into effect.

Up to 40% energy savings with additional module MSK Covershrink

MSK shrink frame systems can be equipped or retrofitted with the newly developed and patent-pending MSK Covershrink system. Depending on the film thickness and pallet size, up to 40% of the required heat energy can be saved.

Fully automated shrink packaging machine for large formats:

MSK Flowtech film wrapping machine with shrink portal

The MSK Flowtech packaging system wraps fully automated a variety of product dimensions in mixed operation with a film packaging for storage and transport. With a high variety of product dimensions, MSK Flowtech demonstrates its great flexibility: The machine detects the product dimensions fully-automatically and tailors a customized film sleeve that is placed around the transport unit. For the requirements of large format products, MSK has developed a special shrink portal in combination with the MSK Flowtech.


  • Option of packaging pallet loads up to a length of approx. 5,000 mm
  • High flexibility when packaging a wide variety of large formats
  • Excellent advertising effect accompanied by protection against moisture and dirt
  • MSK safety shrink technology with low energy consumption

MSK shrink portal:

Efficient shrink technology for large format building materials

The MSK pass-through shrinking system with three movable shrink columns ensures a secure shrinking process at low temperatures. Targeted, gentle warming of the film prevents thermal overload while retaining tensile force and fatigue strength. The reliable welding of the film sleeve with top sheet and base film ensures strong protection against dirt and weathering impact for up to six sides.


  • Shrink packaging of pallet loads up to a length of approx. 5,000 mm
  • Secure shrink system at low temperatures
  • Use of thinner film with controlled application of heat
  • Generation of heat using gas or electrical energy

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