MSK stretch hood systems for household appliances

Stretch hooding for household appliances

MSK Stretch packaging for household appliances

Reliable protection for handling and transport, as well as the best possible presentation of the brand name, are important requirements for the transport packaging of household appliances. One thing is certain: clean, undamaged packaging in which the device can be easily seen, reduces the risk of transport damage significantly.

Depending on the type of sub-packaging and its pressure sensitivity, stretch hood packaging can be an efficient packaging solution for storage and transportation of a wide range of household appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, stoves, ovens, etc.).

MSK stretch hood solutions for household appliances

MSK stretch hood systems provide cost-effective and flexible transport packaging for a wide range of household appliances. A good presentation of the brand name and an effective, economical use of packaging material is provided by special MSK procedures and patents.

With a stretch hooding system household appliances can be wrapped with a complete film hood so to be protected on 5 sides against damage, moisture and dirt during transport and storage. For this a gusset side film is used; a special MSK procedure ensures a high quality seam weld.

If the top of the product already has a cover, a packaging using flat tube film often delivers enough protection offering higher packaging performance and minimized film consumption at the same time. The product top side is then protected by the cover, the film from the hood application over the upper side of the product is open.


  • Reliable protection for your product
  • Very good advertising effect thanks to MSK ClearView effect
  • High flexibility for different product formats
  • Problem-free use of perforated films for the prevention of condensation
  • No need for storage of bulky packaging materials
  • Minimal film consumption due to patented MSK stretch technique
  • Suitable for film made with recycled material

MSK Tensiontech - High performance with great flexibility 

The fully automatic stretch hood machine MSK Tensiontech packages household appliances in a variety of product dimensions with a stretch film. This packaging system which is designed for high performance, with a capacity of up to 280 products per hour is one of the fastest stretch hood machines on the market. The stretching of the film is controlled specifically in any coordinate in longitudinal and transverse directions for each format in mixed operation so that despite the use of thinner films, optimal load securing properties are achieved.


  • Precise hooding through patented MSK device to gather the film (EP 1 353 847) and the MSK vertical film stretching procedure (EP 1 717 148)
  • Reliable, electro-mechanical MSK Film opening system 
  • Fully automated processing of up to 6 different film formats or thicknesses
  • Use of maintenance-free time belt technology
  • Cost savings through industry standard film qualities and film producers
  • Easy maintenance due to a lowerable machine head and simple plug-in connections
  • Small footprint and less energy consumption due to compact construction
  • Simple film roll change without having to enter the safety area

MSK Understretch procedure

The special program to apply film during the packaging process pulls the film deep under the product.


  • High stability
  • Better stackability

MSK Laminating system

For the optimization of the under stretch with usual industrial film MSK offers a laminating system. It optimizes the conveying process and improves the stackability of the products.


  • High stability
  • Better stackability

Stretch-hood packaging with lowest film consumption

Using a special MSK technique on the MSK Tensiontech stretch-hooder, the film is gently stretched around the load with minimal consumption. The patented MSK vertical-stretch thereby increases the load stability. The products are protected on five sides and perfectly visible at the same time.

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