MSK Palletizers & Depalletizers for beverage products

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MSK solutions for depalletizing and palletizing of beverage products

Increased profitability through flexibility.

Seasonal packaging trends require a high level of flexibility in the beverage industry. An intelligently selected machine park adapts to changes quickly and easily. The selection of bottle conveyors, the proper systems for depalletizing and palletizer for finished beverage products is a central prerequisite for the economic viability of a bottling line.

Whether partial or fully automatic, robotic palletizer or conventional palletizing systems, MSK machines are designed with a modular principle in mind. Main features are a high degree of flexibility with regard to the increased performance in palletizing and depalletizing by minimum maintenance and spare parts requirements, a consistent control concept, good accessibility to all elements and above all, short retooling times.


  • Over 20 years of accumulated long-term experience
  • High flexibility
  • Tailor made solutions

MSK systems for depalletizing empty bottles and containers

MSK depalletizing robots ensure by means of dynamic motion with the highest task-repeat accuracy, a high standard of procedure security. They combine low wear with minimal maintenance. Thanks to various gripping systems they can deliver high performance and flexibility in a very small space.

Additional modules for MSK Palletizers

MSK beverage palletizers are expandable due to a large selection of additional modules which can be added enabling an adaptation to different production and packaging requirements.

  • Tray maker - Fully automatic creation of trays
  • Tray magazine - Magazine for intermediate layers
  • Intermediate layer applicator
  • Centring frame - Layer centring during palletizing
  • Empty pallet magazine
  • Labeller - Information tracking from palletizer onwards

Find out more about fully automatic defoiling and unpacking of film-wrapped pallets with the MSK Defotech unwrapping system.

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