New sorting and packaging center at Wiegand-Glas

A new MSK installation for decorating and repackaging hollow glass products was put into operation in March in Wiegand-Glas's new, modern re-sorting and packaging centre at its site in Schleusingen (Germany).


Initially planned as straightforward re-sorting system, as project planning progressed it developed into a state-of-the-art re-sorting and packaging centre. The engineers at MSK Verpackungs-Systeme GmbH worked together with a technical team at Wiegand-Glas to develop a fully automated handling concept to unpack and depalletize glass pallets, and to control, sort and attach new swing stopper for bottles, and subsequently repalletize them in cases, boxes or as stacked layers of bottles on pallets, and to shrink hood the newly packaged pallets of glass products again.


MSK as Full Concept Provider

In detail, the system put into operation by MSK in spring 2015 includes an MSK pallet depot with innovative SAP connection for the fork lift via an MSK EMSY 5.3 Move touchpad for optimal loading of the lines, an MSK Shuttle car with inductive power supply, an MSK Defotech unwrapping machine, an MSK Robotech case depalletizer, two MSK Depalletizers with an MSK Universal head, two MSK bottle conveyor lines with integrated inspection technology, two integrated swing stopper machines, two MSK Palletizers (optionally with universal head, gripper tubes or suction plate), an MSK Paratech shrink-wrap line with integrated horizontal strapper as well as the integration of a case transport system with case inspections to remove defective cases, two case palletizers, and box handling systems (erectors, closers and turning unit). With this unique project MSK added another reference to its list as a full concept provider for the Cold End of the glass industry.


Information Network Starting at Pallet Depot

The  MSK EMSY visualization system makes it possible to clearly operate and configure the flow of material in the sorting and packaging system in Schleusingen, and also link it to the customer's IT system. At the central pallet delivery point each pallet is directly assigned a data set. That's why the driver can allocate each pallet on demand using the MSK EMSY Move Pad in the fork lift, and optimally load the line. This means that each individual pallet can be seamlessly tracked in detail throughout the full logistics process, from pallet delivery to the fork lift and right to the pallet storage. The MSK software is tailored to match the MSK machines exactly. 3D animations on a clear multi-touch interface make it easy to operate the machines, even without previous in-depth knowledge. The software also offers numerous statistical analyses and an overarching analysis of data for controlling purposes.

Before the shrink-wrapped pallets of glass products are depalletized, they are unpacked by the fully automatic MSK Defotech unwrapping machine. By automating this work step higher unpacking speeds of up to 60 pallets per hour are possible. It is also safer for personnel, particularly in the case of higher pallet loads, because there is neither a slip hazard nor a risk of falling bottles. Moreover the integrated baling press means that the foil can be stored in a space-saving way and sent directly on to recycling.

Clearly Organised Flow of Material

When it comes to transportation within the system as a whole, the MSK Shuttle car plays a key role. It is equipped with two pallet loading spaces and runs on a maintenance and wear-free inductive drive, which means that power rails, trailing cables and suspension systems from the ceiling are unnecessary. The shuttle car handles all the traffic between the lines which a fork lift would normally look after, so materials flow quiet and automatically: It conveys packaged pallets to the MSK Defotech and unpacked pallets to two depalletizers, and after decoration it conveys re-palletized pallets to the packaging system and finally back to the pallet depot. The MSK Shuttle car also handles the supply of materials fully automatically to all palletizing systems, bringing packaging materials and empty pallets.

Flexible Depalletizing

To depalletize the pallets of glass products two MSK Depalletizers were installed, which are each equipped with a universal palletizer head. This makes retrofitting on the head unnecessary, and each system is capable of working flexibly for a wide range of bottle types. Moreover an MSK Depalletizer is installed that uses robot technology, which depalletizes plastic cases and individually conveys them further for refilling with bottles. All of the packaging materials removed during depalletizing are automatically stacked in groups according to the type of material, and transported away by the MSK Shuttle car.

Integrated Bottle Inspection, Assembly of Swing Stopper, and Case Palletizing

After depalletizing, two MSK Bottle conveyor lines ensure that the bottles flow smoothly. MSK Bottle conveyor systems are made of stainless steel and premium components, for a particularly long service life. The machinery supplied for inspection of the bottles, assembly of the swing stopper, and repackaging in cases was completely integrated by MSK specialists into the EMSY-controlled overall system that runs on MSK software.

Universal Palletizing System

To be able to flexibly produce the glass pallet types specified by Wiegand-Glas, both MSK Triotech-type palletizers were likewise equipped with an MSK Universal head. The palletizing system supplied is a complete system which includes an integrated traymaker, centring frames, pallet magazine and a layer sheet inserter. MSK Triotech palletizers are known for their space-saving construction and their low wear, because the palletizing column sits solidly on the ground and only the arm pivots around the column.

Safe Pallet Shrink Hooding

In order to introduce the repalletized pallets back into the logistic process, they are safely packaged again for transport by an MSK shrink hood machine. The MSK Paratech shrink hood system in use has long been known by Wiegand-Glas and the glass industry in general as operation and maintenance friendly system, because of its simple construction and ground-level access. The integrated MSK Recotech security shrink frame adapts automatically to the pallet dimensions and produces gentle shrinkage with heated air, which makes it possible to use the thinnest films. MSK offers a warranty of 5 years on the maintenance-free MSK heating elements. Upstream from the MSK installation is a horizontal strapper, which additionally secures the individual layers of bottles, and whose controls have been integrated by MSK in the overall sequence.

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